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modern cremation urn

Modern vs. Traditional Urns and Keepsakes

Choosing the cremation urn that your loved one’s ashes will be placed in following cremation is a personal and often spiritual decision. Many times, choosing an urn or keepsake that is reflective of the loved one can be one of the most healing aspects of the entire cremation process. When we hear the word “urn” we typically think of the rounded, graceful shape common from antiquity to modern times. However, in present times, the word “urn” is typically used to describe a container or vessel for the repose of the ashes of the dead. Urns are available in countless styles, colors, shapes, and materials with more modern urns and styles becoming a popular choice of families.

Modern Cremation Urnsmodern urns

Many of the families who choose cremation for their loved one choose a modern cremation urn to hold their loved one’s ashes. Modern urns can be constructed from any number of materials and are available in many shapes and styles to match the personality and tastes of both the loved one who passed and the survivors left behind.

Modern urns are typically considered as such because they are in shapes that are outside the typical or traditional style one might expect in a cremation urn. Some popular types of modern cremation urns include urns that are made in a wide variety of styles and materials. From simple cylinder shapes to stunning works of art in glass and ceramic, the urn you choose is a memorial to a loved one, and for many a modern urn is their preference.

Sometimes, urns that are more traditional in styling are not the preferred choice due to the shape and style that are considered the standard. Modern urns, however, are in unique shapes with modern styling. From an eternal flame shape, to the eternal shape of the Infinite Love urn, or the spherical shape of the stunning Cherished Crystal urn, these modern shapes and styles are prized for their artistic appeal and unique design.

When modern simplicity is desired, many families often choose box shapes that are unique in their design and styling. The Icon and Bristol urns are cubic in shape and feature highlights of bamboo or gloss metallic placed thoughtfully on the urn, giving the memorial a modern and elegant styling. Additionally, these urn styles feature ample space for engraving and personalization to make the urn a lasting memorial to a loved one.

Additional Modern Urn Options

Many of the more modern styles of urns are urns that are placed in nature – whether buried, planted, or used for scattering the ashes. One such modern style urn is the Eco Water urn. It is made of fully water-soluble materials that can be artistically or whimsically personalized by family members before being placed in the water for scattering. In a similar way, the patented Living Urn system is a modern urn and tree planting system that allows the family member’s ashes to be placed in the soil environment of a living tree.

Urns do not necessarily need to be created in unique shapes or styles to be considered modern. Often times, urns that are in more traditional shapes have elegant and unique finishes that classify them as being modern styled urns. Matte brushed finishes and highly polished accents are commonly considered as modern attributes even if they are featured on urns that are more traditional shape. Often these urns can be engraved directly on the urn where some of the more modern shapes do not allow engraving on their surfaces.

Modern Keepsake Urns

When choosing modern keepsake urns, the same details may be considered as when choosing a modern full-size urn; in fact, many of the modern urns available in our catalog are available in both full-size and keepsake sizes. These keepsake urns match their full-size counterparts and complete the tribute. These are especially good choices when multiple family members are keeping a portion of the loved one’s remains after cremation.

Keepsake urns also come in various modern options that allow the cremated remains to be infused as part of a glass orb. This process, though a bit often a bit slower, creates a one of a kind work of art that infuses the loved one’s ashes in a unique memorial that can be displayed or treasured.

Additionally, many modern cremation jewelry options are available for a personal memento that allows part of the loved one’s ashes to be held or worn closely to those left behind. When compared to more traditional keepsakes, these are a stunning work of personal memorial art that becomes a treasure for those who grieve the loss of the loved one.

Choosing the Right Cremation Urn

In the end, the cremation urn you choose should be a reflection of both your personal taste and the tastes of the person whose life is being remembered. Remember that the urn that you choose is more than just a work of art that holds cremated remains, it is a permanent memorial to a loved one that reflects their life and your love for them. Choosing an urn that reflects their life and helps you in your grief journey is what is most important and what will allow healing and memories to flow.

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