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Most Popular Trees Planted with Bio Urns by Region

Planting a Living Urn and growing a memory tree is a wonderful way to honor a loved one and give back to the earth and family. Here at The Living Urn, we are excited that so many people connect with this idea. In a short time since the inception of The Living Urn, tens of thousands of trees have been planted all over the world. With so many families planting the Living Urn tree urn, we’d like to share with you some of the most popular tree choices to plant with our special bio urn for each region of the United States.

Here are the three most popular trees planted with a bio urn by U.S. region:

bio urn trees


  1. Red Maple
  2. Oak
  3. Flowering Cherry


  1. Crape Myrtle
  2. Weeping Willow
  3. Oak


  1. Red Maple
  2. Weeping Willow
  3. Oak


  1. Oak
  2. Pine
  3. Redwood


  1. Dogwood
  2. Weeping Willow
  3. Spruce

About the Most Popular Bio Urn Trees

bio urn tree

Red Maple (favorite in the Northeast and Midwest)

The Red Maple Tree is one of the most popular options families choose to honor a loved one and grow a living memorial with The Living Urn. It is also one of the most resilient and beautiful trees in the U.S., showing off its vibrant red and green colors through the seasons. The Red Maple is tolerant to drought and has been known to thrive in both, hot and dry conditions as well as in soggy and wet areas. In addition, its intelligent system of roots can adapt to different soil conditions - in wet soil its roots will grow laterally with small taproots and in dry soil its root system will consist of a long taproot and short lateral roots. The Red Maple can be grown as far north as Maine and as far south as Southern Florida, giving it the recognition of having one of the largest geographic growing areas.

Oak (top 3 in the Northeast, South, Midwest, West)

The mighty oak tree is one of the most prevalent trees in the United States and is considered America’s national tree for good reason! It has been named the official state tree of six states - Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The beautiful oak tree has long been valued as a symbol of strength as it can grow and thrive in a variety of soil conditions and climates. Oaks can also grow and adapt well in the forest, a yard, and also in parks. Oaks are known for longevity (the oldest oaks in the U.S. are over one thousand years old!) and are supportive of life – in addition to providing oxygen, oaks are also commonly found with birds nests and squirrels nests.

The Living Urn offers a number of beautiful oak tree options. This includes the Northern Red Oak, White Oak and Willow Oak. The Living Urn’s nursery also grows additional oak options - if you’re looking for a particular type of oak, let us know and we probably grow it!  

Red Oak - The Red Oak is a one of the most famous oak trees in the U.S. with history dating back centuries. It has a bold presence with a dense crown that displays vibrant red color in the Fall season. The Red Oak tree also provides food for many different animals - its acorns are a favorite food of black bears, squirrels, raccoons, and blue jays.

White Oak - The White Oak is a strong, large tree at maturity and consists of a short trunk and large horizontal limbs. The White Oak’s bark is light gray in color and is often broken into small blocks and scales. Its leaves present a variety of shades of green in the Summer months, then brilliant orange, red, and brown in the Fall.

Willow Oak - The Willow Oak is another oak that is a popular option for families who choose The Living Urn. The beautiful oak has thin, willow-like leaves that show off vibrant green in the Summer then change to yellow in the Fall. The Willow Oak is a true beauty that can adapt to a variety of climates and soil conditions.

Weeping Willow (2nd favorite in the South, Midwest, and Northwest)

The Weeping Willow tree is a beautiful option for a living memorial and the one of the leading trees chosen by families in the South, Midwest, and Northwest. This beautiful tree presents long narrow leaves and gracefully sweeping branches. Many associate the Weeping Willow tree with peace and harmony. Similar to the Red Maple and Oak trees, the Weeping Willow tree is extremely hardy and can grow and thrive in many different soil conditions and climates.

Dogwood (favorite in the Northwest)

The White and Pink Dogwood trees are some of the most popular trees chosen by families for tree memorials! These beautiful flowering trees display amazing vibrant blooms of color making them some of the most common landscape trees in the United States. Dogwoods are also low branching and make for an excellent contrast to evergreen trees and shrubs. In addition, they produce a red fruit that is a favorite food of songbirds!

Flowering Cherry (top 3 in the Northeast)

The Flowering Cherry is a beautiful flowering tree that originates from Japan and has become one of the most popular landscape trees in the U.S. This beauty shows off its vibrant pink and white flowers in the Spring - making for a true sight to see! The Flowering Cherry is a top three tree option planted with The Living Urn in the Northeast and is a top five most popular tree in most other regions.

Crape Myrtle (favorite in the South)                

The Crape Myrtle is a beautiful small to mid-sized tree that is the most popular tree memorial chosen by families in the South. This amazing tree comes with either purple, pink, red, or white flowering options, all of which provide amazing and vibrant color! This Crape Myrtle is a fast growing tree that is drought tolerant once it’s established and mature. Since it’s a smaller-sized tree, it makes for a perfect option for families with limited space to plant!

Other Popular Trees 

Other popular trees that are commonly planted with The Living Urn throughout the U.S. include the Sugar Maple, Eastern Redbud, Sycamore, Tuliptree, Ginkgo Biloba, Pine, and Spruce. In addition, flowering shrub options were recently introduced by The Living Urn and include beautiful Azaleas, Gardenias, and Hydrangea options, among others.

What Tree is Right for Your Memorial?

The Living Urn offers over fifty beautiful and hardy tree options, narrowed down by zip code to what grows best in your area. Simply visit The Living Urn’s website and type in your zip code to view the various options for where you live - prices range from $129 to $165, depending on the type of tree. Our trees are approximately 2 to 4 feet in height when shipped and all trees are shipped in a gallon or quart pots so the root systems are intact, healthy, and robust. We provide strong, young trees (not seeds or tiny seedlings) to make it easy for families to successfully grow a healthy and enduring memory tree. Families also have the option to get their own tree to plant with The Living Urn, if preferred. We provide simple and easy to follow instructions with The Living Urn on how to plant any tree you select.

If you don’t know which tree you would like or you are not sure when you would like to plant, we offer The Living Urn with a voucher for a tree of choice. With this option, families receive the bio urn right away which can be used to hold the ashes for as long as the family would like before planting. Our special bio can hold the cremated remains for as long as needed before planting (months or even many years) and will not biodegrade until it is placed in the soil and exposed to water. A tree voucher is included that allows the family to redeem their tree and have it shipped fresh whenever they are ready to plant.    

Indoor Option

Another option for families who do not have a special place outdoors to plant, is to grow a living memorial with The Living Urn Indoors/Patio. The Living Urn Indoors is different than the regular Living Urn. With this unique indoor planter urn, there is an outer urn chamber that can hold as much or as little of the ashes as desired - this chamber is separated to preserve the remains. About a spoonful of the ashes can be dispersed into the inner chamber with the soil / growing medium. All you have to do is choose your Bonsai Tree or plant that you wish to place inside and follow the easy instructions provided. The Living Urn Indoors / Patio comes in three colors (white, blue and beige) and is made from high quality porcelain. This special urn measures 9” wide by 9” tall.

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