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Multiple Tree Memorials for a Person or Pet

The patented Living Urn bio urn and planting system was introduced in 2015 and, over the past few years, has quickly become the leading biodegradable urn and planting system available worldwide. This patented tree burial planting system is offered to families by thousands of funeral homes and other funeral industry groups throughout the U.S. and has excellent reviews.

The Living Urn can be planted on a family’s property (in the yard, a garden, etc.), or at a park, church, golf course, or other special place. Over 50 tree options are offered by the company to plant with the urn, narrowed down by zip code to the types of trees grow the best in each area of the country. The trees provided come 2-4’ in height with robust root systems and arrive directly at a family’s doorstep, ready to plant with The Living Urn. The urn and planting system can be stored for as long as a family wishes, and the tree can be scheduled to be delivered whenever the time comes to plant. Alternatively, if you do not know the tree type you prefer or the planting date, you can order The Living Urn with a voucher for a tree which can be redeemed any time in the future.

Multiple Tree Memorials

tree memorials

The Living Urn was designed with the input of expert arborists and soil scientists to help ensure a healthy living memorial tree will grow and thrive. It can be used with as little of the ashes as preferred and up to one full set of a person’s ashes. Many families choose to divide up the ashes of a loved one and honor them with multiple memory trees. There are many reasons people do this, and below we describe some of the most common ones:

  • Each Family Member Wants Their Own Memorial. Many families have children, siblings, or other relatives of the person who passed all of who prefer their own memorial. And, many times they live in different cities, states, or even countries. With The Living Urn, each family member can have their own memorial to honor their loved one at a place a of their choosing with a portion of the ashes. The Living Urn offers over fifty tree options, narrowed down by zip code to the ones that grow best in every area.
  • Memorial Tree Planted at Multiple Locations. Most people have multiple special places in their life where they love to visit or spend time at. This can include a family vacation destination, a family home, a place where many memories occurred, or other place or places that they hold special. As The Living Urn can easily be transported by car or plane (and it’s TSA approved!), families can take it with them to one or more special locations to plant. In addition, since the trees are sent separately from the urn and directly from The Living Urn’s nursery, it can be arranged to have the tree shipped directly to a planting location.  
  • Prefer More Than One Tree Type. The Living Urn offers over fifty beautiful tree and shrub options, including ones that show vibrant red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, green, and white colors. With so many great options, many families find it to be a challenge to simply select a single tree for the memorial and decide to include a loved one’s ashes in multiple tree memorials.
  • Love of Trees and Nature.  Many people connect with trees and nature and want to not only honor a loved one but also give back to Mother Earth. They can do both by planting Living Urn tree memorials to honor a loved one. And, because The Living Urn was designed to be used with as little of the ashes as desired, many families choose to plant 5, 10, and even 20 trees with one set of ashes and The Living Urn. The multiple memory trees beautify the landscape and give back to current and future generations.

The Family Program

The Living Urn hears from families every week interested in planting multiple Living Urns for a lost loved one. Because of this we recently introduced The Family Program where a family can order more than one Living Urn receive a discount. With The Family Program, you can elect to have the urns come with a voucher for a tree (which can be redeemed at The Living Urn’s website or by calling The Living Urn’s Colorado-based customer service team) or The Living Urn systems without trees (where a family can simply visit their local nursery and purchase a small tree to plant with The Living Urn).

The Family Tree

The ‘Family Tree’ is a unique option for families. This includes planting an oak, maple, willow, or other large tree with The Living Urn and a loved one’s ashes, then when another family member passes, placing their cremated ashes in a Living Urn and burying the urn adjacent to the tree. This can then be repeated for additional family members after they pass. The Family Tree is a special and unique option where the roots of the tree will eventually spread to the space where the ashes of additional family members are buried adjacent to the tree.

The Family Tree is similar to having a family plot in a cemetery where all members of a family can be remembered and honored at a single place. However, the Family Tree also includes a living focal point in the middle that honors the family and provides a living tree memorial. The Family Tree gives surviving family members and friends the ability to visit a place to pay their respect and reflect on the entire family.

Other Memorials           

In addition to The Living Urn’s tree burial system, there are also many other special memorials available for people who are cremated. Many people will plant a portion of their loved one’s ashes with a Living Urn, then include a portion of the remaining ashes in another urn or multiple other urns. This sometimes includes scattering ashes at a meaningful location with a scattering urn, spreading cremated ashes at sea with a water urn, burying their ashes at home or at another location with a burial urn, having some of the ashes infused into a colorful glass decorative piece, having jewelry or a diamond made out of some of the ashes, as well as other unique options. With so many amazing options available today, families can now have multiple memorials of a loved one – each with special meaning and beauty.

Which Memorial is Right for You?

The Living Urn is an uplifting memorial option for families throughout the world who want to honor a loved one with a dignified memorial and also give back. In addition to The Living Urn, there is also a good selection of new memorial options coming available each year. Some of the new options include unique biodegradable scattering urns designed to make it easy to scatter ashes at a meaningful place, urns that make it easy to do a burial at sea, and including some of the ashes in a diamond or jewelry. Many families choose to have a single memorial, while others prefer multiple – there is no “right” choice and it only depends what your loved one would have wanted, your budget, and what works best for you and your family.

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