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Pet Cremation Stones: Why They're a Good Option

Losing a pet is losing a beloved member of the family. Whether they’ve been part of your life for their entire life or a short while, pets leave an indelible mark on our lives and hearts. Each has a unique personality, all their own; no two are alike. From food and shelter to vet care and companionship, pets rely on us for every need and desire. In turn, pets honor us with their unwavering affection, showering us with unconditional love. When the time comes for our pets to cross over the rainbow bridge, the grief we experience is no less profound than if we lost any other member of our family. Choosing a fitting memorial for your pet can bring comfort and solace while holding them in eternal remembrance. A popular way to honor their remarkable life is to commit their cremains to cremation stones.

Red Cremation Stones

What is a Pet Cremation Stone?

A pet cremation stone is a stone that infuses your pet's cremated remains with other materials, such as glass or other binding agents, to create a memorial stone. The most common pet cremation stones utilize glass. A glass artist will use clear glass when it is molten. The molten glass is extracted from a hot furnace using a pipe. The molten glass is then rolled over a marver—a hard, flat surface for shaping. The marver helps to cylindrically and symmetrically shape the molten glass. Depending on the preferred colors, the artist can add colored glass. There are three types of colored glass:

  • Colored Glass Bar: It can be broken into segments to create a unique, smooth color application.
  • Powdered Glass: Powdered glass offers a quick application when rolling the clear glass over it.
  • Frit: Crushed-up pieces of glass that come in various granular sizes, such as sugar or small rocks. Frit is laid out so the molten glass can be rolled over the chips for a quick, colorful coating.

Glassblowing is an interesting and exciting art form because all pieces are unique. Once a glassblowing project begins, it has to be seen all the way through without stopping. With molten glass, precise care is taken to ensure the temperature is manipulated correctly to achieve the desired effect. In essence, glass blowers are heat managers. Since molten glass can’t be handled by hand, glass artists use an extensive array of sophisticated tools to create incredible designs. Many artists even create their own tools!

For pet cremation stones, glass artists infuse a small amount of your beloved pet’s ashes into the design. With molten glass, the hot temperature burns off the carbon of the ashes, creating a brilliant white appearance that can easily be seen within the carefully crafted glass.

Why Pet Cremation Stones Are Popular

Pet cremation stones have become an increasingly popular way to memorialize your beloved pet for several reasons:


When you choose a glass cremation stone as your pet’s eternal memorial, you choose a one-of-a-kind keepsake. No two glass cremation stones are alike. Each one is crafted individually by the glass artist. The crafting of blown glass for cremation stones is not left to an automated machine.

Tangible Touchstone

While your beloved pet may be gone, your glass cremation stone will be an everlasting testament to your eternal bond. Fitting in the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to hold onto your cherished pet and find comfort and peace knowing they are so close to you.

Tasteful Decoration

Cremation stones come in several mesmerizing designs and colors. Whether placed on a nightstand, mantle, or office desk, your pet can still be part of your everyday life. Sunlight passing through the stone can offer added brilliance to the radiant colors and enchanting white ashes of your illustrious remembrance keepsake.


For many, scattering ashes or burying a pet may feel more appropriate. However, if your family ever moves away, it may be difficult to access the site again. Cremation stones can easily be moved with you, ensuring your pet is part of any new adventure you explore.

Pet Cremation Stone FAQs

The Living Urn specializes in high-quality cremation stones, jewelry, keepsakes, and urns. Our elegant Living Glass Touchstones are beautiful pieces that infuse a small portion of your dearly departed pet’s ashes. The touchstones come in a set of five, each about the size of a silver dollar. Choose from three lovely colors: Ocean Blue, Lily Green, and Peaceful Sunset.

How are Pet Cremation Stones Made?

All of our cremation stones are made from scratch at The Living Urn. After you choose from one of three colors, an easy-to-use ash collection kit will be sent to you. You will only need to send about one tablespoon of ashes. Once our glass artist receives the ashes, work can begin! Starting with clear, molten glass, the artist adds your preferred color and your pet’s ashes. Your one-of-a-kind touchstone may look slightly different from the photos online because all ashes are unique and may offer different variations in color. Your Living Glass Touchstone is uniquely yours!

Who Will Create My Personal Pet Cremation Stones?

The Living Urn is proud to partner with renowned glass artist Taryn Jayne. Ms. Jayne individually crafts each cremation stone from scratch in her glass studio in San Diego. Each order is issued a unique ID throughout the process, including shipping, to ensure cremations are properly accounted for and handled with the utmost care.

How Long Does It Take to Make Pet Cremation Stones?

Glass making is a unique art form. Once our artist receives your pet’s ashes, the process begins from scratch. No pre-existing glass touchstones are used. All glass needs to be molten to add your desired color and your pet’s ashes. That’s the only way to infuse the ashes into the creation of your special pet cremation stones. The process only takes thirty days or less, from the reception of ashes to shipping!

Cremation stones are a beautiful and loving way to hold your pet in everlasting remembrance. While losing a pet can be extremely difficult, The Living Urn is here to support you in your time of need. Visit The Living Urn to learn more about our unique cremation stones and other special keepsakes today!

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