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Pre-Plan Your Memorial With The Living Urn

Pre-Plan Your Memorial With The Living Urn

The average person has to plan a funeral only once or twice in their lifetime. Most often, this is after a loved one has passed. During this time the emotional toll is high and the costs involved and time it takes to plan can be overwhelming. Most people will meet with a local funeral director to go over options for a loved one. Enlisting the help of family or friends can be helpful, especially when you’re also charged with the task of notifying family and friends of your loved one’s passing and the funeral arrangements.

In order to help alleviate the stress placed on family members during this time of high emotions, more and more people are electing to pre-plan their funeral or memorial prior to passing. This gives them the ability to select everything they want in advance and paying for it up-front so it’s not a burden on family or friends. It also gives them peace-of-mind knowing their wishes are made known and all of the details of what happens after they pass is already taken care of.

This is not just something being done for “traditional” funerals. According to Mark Brewer, President of The Living Urn, a bio urn and planting system that grows a tree from a special urn containing ashes, “We’re experiencing an increased interest from people who are looking to plan their memorial in advance. We get calls every day from a people who love the idea of planting a tree memorial after they pass and are looking to include The Living Urn in their pre-planning process – this includes healthy people in their 30s, to people with terminal illnesses, and others who are in the later stage of their life and just want to plan ahead.”

“To cater to this growing population of people who are planning their funeral arrangements in advance, we recently introduced a Pre-Planning version of The Living Urn. This version comes with everything you need to grow a tree memorial, and includes a voucher card for a tree of choice. When you pass and the time comes to plant, a family member or friend will simply call us and we’ll send out the baby tree so it arrives fresh and ready to plant with The Living Urn containing your cremated remains.”

Brewer continues, “People are passionate about giving back to future generations and are excited about using The Living Urn to create an uplifting tree memorial after they pass.  We’re honored to be the leading driver of this new movement.”

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