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Red Maple Tree: A Popular Green Burial Option

Red Maple Tree: A Popular Green Burial Option

The Red Maple is a beautiful and intelligent tree. It is one of the few trees that can grow and thrive in a variety of soil conditions and climates with a root base that can adjust according to the environment. In the U.S., red maples can be found from Northern Maine down to Southern Florida. It also is a fast growing tree that grows one to two feet per year and can quickly provide shade. Its thick foliage will not only provide great coverage from the hot sun in the summer months, but it will drop its leaves to allow the sun to come through and warm things up in the winter.

In addition to being a great shade tree, the red maple also provides food and shelter to various animals. Its fruit are a meal of choice for squirrels and other small animals and its shoots and leaves are frequently consumed by deer and rabbits.

The red maple’s vibrant colors provide instant beauty to any landscape. With its sheer beauty, the red maple is a common tree found at cemeteries, green burial sites and memorial woodlands. It stands out all four seasons and is known to provide a feeling of peace and tranquility.

In addition to being a common tree found at memorial sites, the red maple is also one of the most popular trees planted with a bio urn containing ashes to grow into a tree memorial. Mark Brewer, co-founder and President of Denver-based Living Urn, the leading bio urn and planting system offered by funeral homes in the U.S., commented on the popularity of the tree, “The red maple is one of the most popular trees purchased by our U.S. customer base to plant with our BioUrn and planting system. We receive frequent testimonials from customers who have planted a memorial with the red maple tree and the common theme is how beautiful their loved one’s tree memorial is. This unique tree is provided to our customers by the Arbor Day Foundation, a reputable non-profit with decades of experience growing and planting trees.”

Brewer comments further on the red maple, “It’s a great tree to plant with our BioUrn as it’s extremely hardy and can survive and thrive in a variety of conditions – from soft soil and higher temperatures in the Southern states to the frigid weather in the Northern states. This tree helps make it easy for families who don’t have a green thumb to plant a beautiful living memorial of a loved one. It’s a great tree that will give back for generations to come.”

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