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Spring Starts Next Month: Order Your Living Urn Today & Grow a Beautiful Memorial!

Spring Starts Next Month: Order Your Living Urn Today & Grow a Beautiful Memorial!

Spring is fast approaching and with it comes more sun, longer days, and warmer temperatures. A popular time for planting, gardening, and making changes in the backyard, Spring also represents other things to a number of people. Springtime may refer to rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. The symbolism paired with the weather changes make Spring a great season to plant your Living Urn bio urn with your loved one’s cremated remains.

Everything comes alive as the sun beams brighter and the warmer temperatures arrive. This means plants begin to blossom and we can see the change in the trees. If you order your Living Urn now, you will have it shipped right away and can have tree shipped when you want to plant!  It can be ready to plant next month when Spring rolls around and you can watch as The Living Urn and the tree memorial of your loved one becomes a part of this beautiful season.

Many changes occur just before and during Spring. The axis of the Earth increases its tilt toward the Sun, the length of daylight rapidly increases, and the hemisphere begins to warm. This causes new plant growth to “spring forth”; which gave the season its name. With snow melting, the absence of frost, longer days, brighter sun, and warmer temperatures, Spring makes a great season to plant your BioUrn. Breathe new life into your backyard and allow the passing of someone you love to have a special new meaning.

Mark Brewer, co-founder of The Living Urn and company president commented, “Spring is an exciting time as the tree memorials that were recently planted during the past Fall and Winter will grow new life. Spring is by far our busiest time of year and a great time to plant a new tree memorial of a loved one. We receive great feedback from customers in the Spring as they enjoy the greening and growth of the living memorial they’ve planted of a loved one.”

Your loved one was a beautiful and vital part of your life. They can still be that with The Living Urn. Order yours today and plant it when the sun is up and the warmer temperatures have arrived. You will watch the tree bloom throughout the Spring and into Summer. Your loved one will become a part of the rebirth associated with the change of the seasons and the arrival of Spring!

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