The Importance of Growing Tree Memorials from Seedlings and Not Seeds

If the decision is made to grow a tree memorial, you and your loved ones deserve the best. That is why choosing a bio urn designed to use a seedling, or baby tree, is the best choice. Some product options may provide you with a tree seed to go with your urn. This method, however, can be complicated and difficult. Getting a seed to germinate can be a challenge and surviving to reach the seedling stage is no easy task.

Successful tree growth is of incredible importance with every tree memorial. That is why The Living Urn spent years working with soil scientists and arborists to develop a proprietary bio urn and planting system - the only system on the market designed to be used with young trees, and not seeds. The company takes great pride in providing premium seedlings that arrive at your doorstep directly from their award winning nurseries. They come ready to be planted with The Living Urn’s BioUrn® and you can look forward to successful growth and a beautiful living memorial!

If you are not an expert in growing trees there is no need to worry. Planting a living seedling with The Living Urn is easy, especially with the straightforward instructions that come with the system. In addition, during the ordering process, The Living Urn allows you to search tree options by your zip code. This makes it so you only choose from a selection of trees that grow well in your area. This is important as different trees have different environments and climates that they grow best in.

Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s co-founder commented, “We recognize the challenges many people have with growing a tree or plant from a seed. Therefore, we spent years working with soil scientists and arborists to develop a bio urn and planting system that is designed to be used with young trees, and not seeds. We believe that gives our system a huge advantage. In addition, The Living Urn comes with a proprietary soil additive to counter certain properties in cremated remains to help the memory tree grow and thrive. We believe that is another important advantage of The Living Urn.”

Brewer continues, “In addition to our proprietary planting system and its significant advantages, we also pride ourselves in being based in the U.S. with customer service located in Denver. Any questions that arise before, during, or after the planting process can be answered by our dedicated customer service team. In today’s world of outsourcing and e-mail, we still believe strongly in having a live person available by phone to answer any questions, especially with something as important as a loved one’s memorial.”