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The Living Urn, America’s Leading Bio Urn, Now Offers Flowering Shrubs!

The Living Urn, America’s Leading Bio Urn, Now Offers Flowering Shrubs!

If you are looking for an eco-friendly memorial option, but do not have the space for a tree, The Living Urn® gives you another choice. Now offering shrubs, The Living Urn® can provide you with a series of great options that will allow you to grow a beautiful living memorial of a loved one. Choose between larger sized shrubs if you have a good amount of outdoor space, or choose something smaller like azaleas!

Azaleas are a flowering shrub that bloom in Spring and their flowers often last several months. Tolerant of shade, they often prefer living near or under trees. Selectively bred for hundreds of years, this creative selection has produced over 10,000 different cultivars which are propagated by cuttings. The seeds can also be collected and germinated. Slow growing, plant your Azaleas in drained acidic soil. Some species need regular pruning but the need for fertilizer is low. Native to several continents, including North America, Europe, and Asia, they have typically been planted abundantly and as ornamental. Create a beautiful memorial in your backyard and liven up your garden by selecting from a variety of pink, lavender, or white Azaleas!

Hydrangeas display immense flower head colors that sometimes bloom in the same head add something spectacular to your patio garden. The vibrant colors displayed by Hydrangeas stand out and liven up any space. While their stunning appearance may make you think that they are high maintenance shrubs, these unrivaled shrubs are easy to cultivate, tolerate nearly every soil, and produce flowers in mid-summer through fall when very few plants are in bloom. You can plant your Hydrangeas in a range of sites including gardens, shrub borders, and containers. Keep your Hydrangeas hydrated especially during the first year of planting. If not properly watered the leaves will wilt. If you want a beautiful shrub that can be planted alone, choose Hydrangeas. The Living Urn® now offers a Nikko Blue Hydrangea option – a perfect addition to any yard!

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and Pacific Islands, Gardenias are a beautiful choice for lovers of simplicity and intoxicating fragrances. If you want your Gardenia to have a successful growth, you need to choose a site with full sun to little shade. A lightly shaded area is perfect for climates that are hot and have more sunlight. If you live in a cooler area your gardenia’s can tolerate full sun. If you are growing Gardenias in a container they need bright light or filter shade with no direct sun. Plant in moist and well-drained soil. They need at least one inch of water each week. Preferring more acidic soil, a Gardenia also prefers high humidity to thrive. The Eastern portion of the U.S., particularly the areas that remain sunny all year round, is the best and easiest place to grow Gardenia’s away from their native habitat. Gardenias are a great flowering shrub to grow as a living memory of a loved one!

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