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The Living Urn Reforestation Program:  Update

The Living Urn Reforestation Program: Update

Last month, The Living Urn announced a new program to help reforest America. For every Living Urn planted, the company committed to donating to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a second tree in one of America’s forests.  

Mark Brewer, the company’s President, commented on the success of the program, “We’re experiencing a lot of interest in our new reforestation program since launching it last month. Like our employees, many of our customers are passionate about giving back to the environment and future generations. Not only will they do so with The Living Urn, but by us donating a second tree to be planted, we’re able to make twice the impact. Two mature trees can provide oxygen for a family of four, and now, with our new reforestation program, we’re helping make that happen.”

Brewer continued, “There has been major destruction in many of America’s forests over the past few decades – from forest fires in California to beetle kill in Colorado and devastating storms in Northern Minnesota – our forests need our help. We are excited to have implemented this program and plan to continue this program for the foreseeable future. With this program, we expect to provide tens of thousands of trees over the next few years.”

“We’re currently supporting ongoing reforestation efforts in the Tahoe National Forest in Nevada and the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota. We plan to expand these efforts to other forests in the U.S. in need of help. Also, as we continue to expand internationally, we’re looking to set up similar programs in each country where The Living Urn is sold.”

In addition to the U.S., The Living Urn burial urn is also available in Canada and Puerto Rico. The company plans to expand to an additional 4 to 5 countries this year.

Brewer continued, “Our vision is to turn cemeteries into forests, family plots into family trees. Over seventy-five million people in the U.S. will reach the average life expectancy between now and 2042, and if they choose burial, it will take up about one hundred and thirty square miles of land, an area equivalent to the size of the city of Atlanta. However, with the shift in preference to cremation and with over seventy percent of the U.S. population expected to choose cremation by 2030, less and less land is being taken up by plots. We’re catering to this movement with The Living Urn and we’re giving people the uplifting new option of growing a living memorial.”

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