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The Living Urn’s Unique All Natural Bio Urn – Designed to Grow a Tree!

The Living Urn’s Unique All Natural Bio Urn – Designed to Grow a Tree!

There are hundreds of cremation urns on the market today. Some are decorative, others are for scattering, and then there’s The Living Urn® – a proprietary bio urn and planting system designed to grow a memorial tree from its urn containing a loved one’s cremated remains. 

The Living Urn® system comes with various soil additives and other components, giving families everything they need to grow a tree memorial. In addition, each Living Urn® system also comes with a special BioUrn®. This BioUrn® is highly unique and has many advantages. It is the only urn on the market designed to accommodate the growth of living seedlings, or baby trees, and not just seeds.

Other advantages of the bio urn include:

Versatility: The Living Urn’s special BioUrn® is designed to hold up to one hundred percent of a person’s cremated remains, or as little as a pinch of the remains. Many families choose to divide up the ashes of a loved one and grow multiple trees, while others place all of the ashes of their loved one in the BioUrn® to grow a single tree.

Depth: The BioUrn® is a foot tall, and is designed to accommodate the roots and growth of living tree seedlings, or baby trees, and not seeds.

Material:  The BioUrn® is all natural and is sturdy prior to planting, yet biodegrades quickly when planted in the ground. It is made from recycled plant materials and is produced by hand using only water, pressure, and heat and doesn’t contain any chemicals or glues. This special BioUrn® is designed so tree or plant roots can grow freely through the urn and will not be hindered by its presence, all of which helps ensure a living memorial can grow and thrive!

Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s president and co-founder commented, “Our patent pending BioUrn is very special – there’s nothing else like it. It was designed with the help of arborists, material scientists, and soil experts to ensure it would enable, and not inhibit, tree growth. We’re proud that we developed something that is all-natural and is produced without the use of chemicals or glues. This special BioUrn is a critical part of The Living Urn bio urn and planting system.”

Brewer continues, “Thousands of families have grown a living memory tree of a loved one because of The Living Urn. As more people become aware of this uplifting option, we expect that the market adoption will continue to accelerate and hundreds of thousands of families will plant a living tree memorial of a loved one with The Living Urn over the next few years.”

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