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Unique Nature-Inspired Cremation Jewelry

Unique Nature-Inspired Cremation Jewelry

Nature-inspired cremation jewelry is a meaningful way to honor a loved one who enjoyed nature or help you feel connected to life. Your loved one was one-of-a-kind, and you want a piece of unique cremation jewelry to honor their memory properly. Cremation jewelry holds a small part of your loved one, so you can always have a part of them close to your heart. Having a one-of-a-kind piece of cremation jewelry made to honor your loved one is a loving way to remember them and the love you shared and still have. Similar to the use of custom or engraved cremation urns, many people want unique cremation jewelry because it reflects how special the person they’ve lost was to them. There are many ways to make your cremation jewelry unique. You can choose a custom piece designed with your departed loved one in mind. Or, you can engrave a piece of cremation jewelry with your loved one’s unique details. There’s also fingerprint jewelry, which is made with the image of your loved one’s fingerprint. Please keep reading for more on unique cremation jewelry.

tree jewelry

Sterling Silver Leaves

A leaf is a beautiful symbol of both life and death. A leaf grows with the sun and nourishes its tree for its whole life. As the season changes, a leaf falls to the earth to become one with the soil and again offers nourishment to its tree. A leaf could represent the beautiful nature your departed loved one enjoyed. Perhaps they loved a specific kind of tree, which would make a leaf from that tree a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry to honor them. 

  • Oak Leaf

The oak tree has long been a friend to humans. It’s been a top choice for building since ancient times, and humans helped spread oak trees in Europe because they were so useful. Oak trees have been wrapped in human myths and legends for thousands of years. Oak trees symbolize strength, longevity, stability, fertility, endurance, power, honesty, and justice. If that sounds like your loved one, then an oak leaf is a wonderful symbol to honor them. Or, you could be claiming some of the characteristics of oak for yourself, such as the strength to grieve and still carry on. 

  • Maple Leaf

There is a more modern meaning to the maple leaf, with its representation of the nation, Canada, and its association with maple trees and their syrup. A maple leaf still symbolizes the cycle of life and death that many trees represent, with the shedding of their leaves each fall. And, maple trees have represented strength in many cultures. The maple leaf and its vivid autumn colors represent the fall season, as things start to die off in preparation for winter. A maple leaf makes a beautiful symbol for a loved one who’s passed. 

  • Pinecone

From the Aztecs to the Assyrians, the pinecone has represented immortality. Many cultures have used pinecones as representations of fertility, spirituality, and power. Today, many think that a pinecone contains sacred geometry in the way its spines spiral. Pine trees are also associated with eternal life because they keep their leaves throughout the winter. A pinecone necklace would make a lovely, unique piece of cremation jewelry. 

Tree Of Life Pendant

tree of life pendant

The Tree Of Life is a timeless symbol of the cycle of life and death and how we are truly immortal. Tree of Life symbolism is found in many cultures and across time. In the Celtic culture, the tree of life symbol was used to channel Divine energy from the heavens down to earth and came to represent their connection to the Divine. Christianity also shows the tree as a channel of Divine power in the book of Genesis in the bible as The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the first garden. Trees symbolized power in Egypt, where the acacia tree was thought to hold life and death. You may find comfort in choosing a Tree of Life cremation pendant, which shows that, though your loved one has departed this world, they are never truly gone.

Engraved Jewelry

Engraved cremation jewelry is always unique because it has the details of your loved one. You can engrave their name, dates of birth and death, a short saying, or even the coordinates of their final resting place. Engraving is a beautiful way to customize your cremation jewelry piece and make it your own. This stainless steel cremation pendant can be engraved with any details you choose and holds a small portion of cremation ash in a glass vial. Its unisex yet elegant design makes it perfect for anyone to wear.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Another popular style of necklace unique cremation jewelry is fingerprint jewelry. Your loved one’s fingerprint is etched or cast on a pendant that you can wear as a necklace or use as a bracelet charm or keychain. Fingerprint pieces are unique cremation jewelry because every single fingerprint is different. A fingerprint necklace is a loving and memorable way to honor and remember your departed loved one. Shop gorgeous fingerprint pendants here.
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