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Urns for Ashes for Adults

A Guide to Choosing the Right Urn

When a loved one passes, there are many details to cover that require time, energy, and care. If you are arranging the funeral, memorial, or simply helping out, you may be looking for an urn or cremation keepsake. There are many questions people have about this - some of the most common ones include: what size urn do I need, what’s the right urn for my loved one, and what kind of urns are there? We know this is a difficult time, so let us make it a little bit easier by answering those questions, and more, in this article about urns for ashes

What Size Urn Do I Need?

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Everyone is different; it’s part of what makes life beautiful, that no two people are exactly alike. This truth may mean that you need a non-standard urn size. But let’s look at the basics first. The standard rule of thumb is that 1 pound of weight equals one cubic inch of space, so a person who weighed 160 pounds requires at least 160 cubic inches of space. Or you can calculate that the cremation ash weight will be 3.5% of your loved one’s total weight. For your information, the standard urn size is around 200 cubic inches. You can, of course, find smaller or larger urns to ensure perfect size and fit. 

  • Small size urn

Choose a small urn to serve as a keepsake, which holds a small portion of a loved one's ashes (typically less than one-third)

  • Medium size urn

Choose a standard urn of 200 cubic inches if your loved one weighed between 175-200 pounds. You could also always choose a larger urn too if you prefer. 

  • Large size urn

A note: many standard urns come in 200+ cubic inch sizes, so that you may be okay with a standard urn; check the dimensions. For those who weighed 200 pounds +, look for larger urn sizes. There are urns available from 200 cubic inches to 320 cubic inches. 

How to Find the Perfect Urn

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Choosing the Right Urn Based on Their Personality 

One way to make the memorial of an urn even more personal is to consider your loved one’s sense of style and personality. A traditional urn might not suit them, and that’s okay, even if it means you may be looking for longer. Here are some things to consider when looking for the right urn for your loved one.

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1. Traditional vs Non Traditional Shape

One way to honor a non-traditional person is with a non-traditional shape. There are many modern style urns on the market these days. Or, maybe your loved one was all about the classics; in that case, the traditional urn vessel would be more than appropriate. 

2. Style of Urns

Many urns now have distinct styles, such as ones that could fit in with modern or rustic styles. Your loved one may have placed a high value on aesthetics; in that case, choosing an urn that fits their personality is vital. Consider a modern art piece that doesn’t look like an urn but is a beautiful memorial to your loved one.

3. Material of Your Memorial Urn

Urns can be made from almost anything; common materials are wood, glass, and ceramic. Wood has an elegant, timeless feel, even though it works well in more rustic renderings. Glass can be timeless and elegant or full of color and whimsy. Ceramic lends itself well to bold colors and outdoor applications. What’s more important than the material is that you like the urn. 

4. Indoor Urn vs Patio / Outdoor Urns

Some urns are designed for indoor use, while others are designed for patio or outdoor use. If your loved one was an avid gardener, consider an urn made from ceramic that could be placed on a patio so your loved one is closer to the outdoors. 

Different Types of Urns

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Did you know there’s more than one kind of urn?

1. Indoor Urn

Indoor urns come in many shapes and sizes and are made of many different types of materials (wood, ceramic, metal, bamboo, etc.). 

2. Planter Urn

Planter urns are quite popular and include a space for the plant over where the ashes are stored. Consider this modern art, wooden Planter Urn.

3. Scattering Urn

You can scatter part of your loved one’s ashes with this Eco Scattering Urn and use this lovely urn to display the rest.

4. Water Urn

Water scattering urns are made of biodegradable materials designed to scatter ashes safely in the water. We offer the Eco Water urn which floats gracefully like a buoy and gently frees a loved one's ashes in the water below.

5. Tree Urn

Create a living memorial when you plant a tree of choice with our proprietary bio urn and your loved one’s ashes.

6. Keepsake Urn

Divide your loved one's ashes between multiple small keepsake urns. With these miniature urns, those closest to your loved one can each have a token to remember them by. 

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