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What is Jewelry for Ashes?

What is Jewelry for Ashes?

Losing a loved one can be an extremely emotional time and a stressful life event. While the dearly departed are no longer physically with us, their memory will live on with you and everyone who knew them. If your loved one who passed chose to be cremated, their cremated ashes can be an ongoing source of emotional comfort. Placing a loved one’s ashes in an urn is a great traditional way to celebrate their life, however you may also be interested in alternatives and may be wondering if jewelry for ashes or cremation jewelry exists? The short answer is yes!  Keep reading to learn more…

Jewelry for Ashes – What Is It?

jewelry for ashes

Jewelry for ashes is basically any type of jewelry that is designed to hold a portion of the ashes of a person or pet. These typically only hold a small, symbolic portion of ashes in a special chamber that’s incorporated into the natural design of the jewelry piece, so it still looks like a normal piece of jewelry.

To most, jewelry for ashes looks like any other piece of jewelry. However, when you take a closer look, you will most likely notice a screw or other way to insert the ashes (typically on the back or side) and possibly a name, dates, or a sentiment in honor of a person or pet.  

Jewelry for Ashes - Is It Right For Me?

cremation jewelry

Jewelry for ashes has been around for many generations and there’s even some proof it dates back to ancient civilizations (often also referred to as honor jewelry).

With the increase in cremation and the amount of people looking for alternative urns and keepsakes to the traditional one on the shelf, there has been a significant jump in the popularity of jewelry for ashes in recent years. 

Some of the key reasons include:

  • In a piece of jewelry, a loved one’s ashes can easily be with you at all times, providing an emotional connection that your loved one is by your side.
  • Since only a small portion of the ashes are needed in jewelry for ashes, you can also keep your loved one in an urn of choice, or scatter or bury the remaining ashes at a special place.
  • Ashes can be placed in multiple jewelry pieces, one for each family member or friend – this gives everyone the opportunity to honor a loved one and wear the jewelry piece with pride.
  • Jewelry for ashes helps make a clear statement about your and your loved one’s life and character. The unique way of personalization makes it a cherished possession of many.
  • Jewelry for ashes has a timeless appeal and can be something special that you pass down to future generations.

Jewelry holding a loved one’s ashes can help create emotional comfort in a personal, convenient and cost-effective way. Whether it’s for yourself, or a family member or friend, wearing jewelry with ashes creates a unique, unmatched connection to a lost loved one.  

What Makes Great Jewelry for Ashes?

ashes in jewelry

If you are interesting in ordering jewelry for ashes, it’s important to check out reviews and that you’re buying from a reputable source. In addition, it’s important to understand what you’re buying is truly a piece of jewelry for ashes and includes a designated chamber to hold the ashes.

In addition, it’s important to make sure whatever jewelry for ashes you’re looking to buy truly fits with you and your loved one who passed. The following questions can help in the decision-making process:

Who Is It For?

If you’re not ordering it for yourself,  it’s important to think about who will be receiving and wearing the jewelry. For example, is it a man or woman? What type of jewelry do they currently wear?

Who Will The Jewelry For Ashes Remember?

Who the piece of jewelry represents may help shape what type of jewelry for ashes you order. This can include a space for personalization, or a special shape that may have a unique meaning and the relationship you shared.

What Type Of Jewelry Is Optimal?

Jewelry for ashes can take many forms and there is no “right” choice. Some of the more popular options include ringsbraceletsnecklacesearrings, and keychains.  In addition, some charms are also available as an add-on to a jewelry piece and may be something to consider.

What Colors & Materials Are Best?

This depends on who will wear the jewelry and what their preference is.  Options can include sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, platinum, etc. Obviously, steel is typically the lowest cost option and gold and platinum are on the higher end of the price range.

What Message Should Be Engraved?

Jewelry for ashes (or cremation jewelry) is meant to remember a loved one (or pet). Many jewelry pieces will have the option to engrave a name, dates, or a message directly on the piece. There is no right answer on what to engrave and it is a personal preference on what to say and if any engraving is included at all.

Additional Jewelry Options

fingerprint jewelry

In addition to jewelry for ashes, there are also many other beautiful options that don’t incorporate cremated ashes. This includes fingerprint jewelry, that includes a fingerprint of your loved one and memorial jewelry that may include a shape, engraving or other beautiful reminder of your loved one but without the ashes.

In Summary

Jewelry for ashes is a great way to keep a representative part of your loved one near you at all times – this can provide you with a feeling of comfort, guidance, and many other feelings. It is a powerful way to honor and remember someone.

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