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glass keepsake urn

What Are Glass Keepsake Urns?

Glass keepsake urns are smaller than standard urns and are designed to hold less than a quarter of what a normal urn is designed to hold. Sometimes keepsake urns come as small as one cubic inch. People typically choose keepsake urns when dividing up the cremated remains of a loved one. This way there is no argument over who gets to keep the ashes. With keepsake urns, each member of the family, whether blood-related or not, can have a tangible piece of the one they loved. 

About Glass Keepsake Urns

glass keepsake urns

Glass keepsake urns are often made from cremation glass, which allows for a dual honoring of the deceased. Cremation glass is made with a small portion of cremation ash. The ash is added to molten, or liquid, glass in specific shapes or patterns. Because glass is heated to a much higher temperature than cremation ever reaches, carbon from the ash is burned off when the ash is added to the molten glass. This turns the ash into a brilliant white color, which can be seen once the glass has cooled. After the ash has been added, the glass artist continues to shape and add color to the glass, the way they would with regular glass. To make an urn, a technique called glass blowing is used. A ball of molten glass is placed at the end of a long pipe. The glassblower carefully blows air into the pipe from the other end, shaping the hot glass. Once the cremation glass urn is finished, it is cooled for 12-48 hours depending on the size. Keepsake urns would cool within twelve, but standard or larger companion urns would likely take closer to 48 hours to cool. Glass is cooled so slowly to protect it from cracking. 

Glass keepsake urns are a versatile and beautiful way to remember your loved one. 

Use Glass Urns to Scatter Ashes

Scattering your deceased beloved’s ashes can be a meaningful way to remember and honor them. You are literally laying them to rest, perhaps at a location chosen by them, or someplace that’s otherwise meaningful. Part of a loving scattering ceremony is the specially chosen scattering vessel. A keepsake urn can be used as a scattering urn, as long as it has a tight-fitting lid. On the practical side of things, making sure the ashes are secured during transport goes a long way to ensuring a successful scattering. 

With keepsake urns, each member of the family, or the person who loved the deceased, can scatter their portion of the ashes. This gives each person a personal moment of saying goodbye and laying to rest. This ritual could be added to by each person saying something that they loved about the dearly departed. And, after the ashes are scattered, everyone has a keepsake urn to remember their deceased beloved by. People also have the option of only scattering part of their ashes, leaving some to be kept in their keepsake urn. 

Glass Keepsakes as a Display Urn

Keepsake urns may be small, but they are mighty reminders of your deceased beloved. Keepsake urns can be used just like traditional urns and kept on display in your home. There is no wrong place to keep a keepsake urn. If the person passed loved to cook, or perhaps even taught you how to cook, then the kitchen is an ideal place for your keepsake urn. Many people feel worried that keeping an urn in their bedroom is “weird”, but bedrooms are actually quite common places for people to keep an urn. It might be comforting to imagine your departed loved one is with you while you sleep. The right place for a keepsake urn is where it will bring you the most comfort. 

One benefit to the public display of an urn is that it allows other people in your life the opportunity to remember your departed loved one. Often a small living memorial is created with a photo, other keepsakes, and often a candle or incense, depending on preferences. 

Gift to Loved Ones

glass touchstones

Keepsake urns were made to be gifted and make a lovely way to remember the deceased. Keepsake urns allow families to divide the ashes of a departed family member for remembrance. Having multiple urns allows each family member to share a piece of the departed's memory. Hence keepsake urn’s alternative name of “sharing urn”. Gifting keepsake urns allow you to feel closer to those you gift them to. Everyone with a keepsake urn has something in common, in addition to how much they love whoever passed.

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