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Why Do People Use Cremation Jewelry?

Why Do People Use Cremation Jewelry?

Grief, while a unique and individual experience, can be devastating. People will express their grief and experience it differently, but most agree that grief is an intense and overwhelming sensation. Some liken it to breathing without oxygen; others say it feels like being ripped apart. Grief can last weeks, months, or years and never fully resolves because the loss of a loved one will always be felt and present in some form or fashion. This isn’t to say that healing isn’t possible, because it is, but to say that loss changes us in permanent ways…as permanent as the loss of a loved one. One thing that people are using to help them cope with the grief and loss that a loved one passing brings is cremation jewelry. Why do people use cremation jewelry? Many who are grieving find a lot of comfort in their cremation jewelry as they process a loss. People use cremation jewelry for a variety of reasons.

Below are some of the common reasons for choosing a special piece of cremation jewelry that honors a loved one who’s passed. 

Feel Closer to Your Departed Loved One

cremation jewelry

This is often the main reason why someone chooses a piece of cremation jewelry. Wearing something memorializing a loved one who has passed can help those left behind and grieving feel a little closer to their lost loved one. And, in the throes of intense grief, that little bit of closeness can be a lifeline. Grief is often described as coming in waves; having something tangible to hold onto when they come can bring comfort. Maybe not a lot, not all the time, but even a little bit of comfort is precious when someone is deep in grief. 

Take Action

cremation jewelry with ashes

After a devastating loss, it can be easy to feel helpless and powerless…because nothing can be done to bring back the person who passed. Many people find this sense of helplessness overwhelming and desire to take action. While many guides to grief suggest volunteering and other ways of giving back to one’s community, it may take some time before a grieving person can be out working in public. 

Choosing a piece, or pieces, of cremation jewelry, can bring a sense of direction and agency back to someone who is grieving. While it might seem small to an outsider, being able to do something directly related to their loved one’s passing, something that brings comfort and honors the memory of the person who passed, can be quite healing. It’s a doable step for many in the middle of their grief, and the act of picking out the right piece of jewelry can be a helpful distraction. 

Have a Piece of Your Lost Loved One

tree of life pendant

Certain types of cremation jewelry use a physical piece of a departed loved one. Ashes can be worn in small urns, incorporated into glass pendants, or turned into gemstones. Any piece of cremation jewelry can help someone feel closer to the person they lost. Still, there is something incredibly comforting about having a physical part of a departed loved one close at hand and, often, right next to one’s heart. Loss can bring a sense of emptiness. Those bereft after a loss might be helped by holding a tangible piece of their lost loved one.

Visible Memorial

A beautiful piece of cremation jewelry acts as a visual memorial to a departed loved one. Jewelry can be worn daily and demonstrates love and loyalty to the one who passed. As grief eases, cremation jewelry can help people remember the times they had with their loved one. It will also remind others in their life of the one who passed, which keeps that person alive in hearts and memories. Wearing cremation jewelry is a way to honor the beautiful person who passed and show their importance.

Conversation Starter

fingerprint jewelry

While this doesn’t apply to everyone, one reason people choose to wear cremation jewelry is because of the opportunity it presents to talk about their passed loved one. Cremation jewelry is often unique enough to invite compliments and questions. Of course, it’s not necessary to discuss a passed loved one. In that case, say thank you and let the conversation carry on. However, if someone does want to talk about their loss, then comments on their piece of cremation jewelry create an opportunity to share about their loved one. 

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