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Why Minimalist Cremation Jewelry is Gaining in Popularity

For those looking for a way to hold their loved one in loving remembrance subtly, minimalist cremation jewelry is the way to go. The grief process can be challenging. Opening up a conversation about your departed loved one may be hard. Minimalist cremation jewelry allows those in grief to gently deflect conversation while still honoring the significance of their loved one’s life.

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What is Minimalist Cremation Jewelry?

As the name suggests, minimalist cremation jewelry has a more simplified, “unfussy” design that can be incorporated into any look effortlessly. This type of jewelry is subtle and worn without any elaborate fanfare. They still possess an elegant and beautiful aesthetic for the wearer without the trappings of trying to make a bold fashion statement. The simplicity of minimalist cremation jewelry gives it a versatility unmatched by more complex jewelry designs. Those looking to hold their loved one in remembrance through minimalist cremation jewelry have the flexibility to truly wear their beloved piece everywhere and with any outfit they choose.

Examples of Minimalist Cremation Jewelry

The Living Urn has several beautiful minimalist cremation jewelry pieces to help you subtly hold your loved one in eternal remembrance.

Teardrop Pendant

The stunningly beautiful Teardrop Pendant presents a subtle yet bold design to help honor your departed loved one. Simply choose between two colors: silver or rose gold. This elegant piece can accessorize any outfit while still testifying to the vibrant life of your loved one.

Jeweled Bar Pendant

The radiant Jeweled Bar Pendant is a disarmingly subtle design. Handcrafted with care by skilled artisanal jewelers, this minimalist cremation piece betrays its intricate design with a simple display. Its meaning can be endlessly interpreted, but it will still offer a gentle option for accessorizing any outfit.

Infinity Loop Pendant

Pushing the envelope of minimalist cremation jewelry is the exquisite Infinity Loop Pendant. Its elegant look can be so mesmerizing that it can nearly be confused for an elaborate piece of jewelry. Even though its look may be bold, its simplified design allows it to enhance any fashion-forward ensemble you have in mind subtly.

Circle Pendant

The immaculate Circle Pendant offers several ways to ponder life’s deep mysteries while subtly honoring your loved one. The pendant can hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes without anyone knowing it. Thanks to this powerful yet simplified minimalist cremation jewelry piece, you'll be able to carry your loved one anywhere you go.

Why Minimalist Cremation Jewelry is So Popular

There are several reasons why minimalist cremation jewelry has become so popular.


Whether going to a formal occasion, such as a wedding or going out for some groceries, your minimalist cremation jewelry piece can be paired with any outfit. It’s so easy to match with any style! If you’re feeling bold in your fashion choice, it’s easy to layer other minimalist pieces with your remembrance jewelry to express your mood and style beautifully. With minimalist cremation jewelry, anything is possible.


Because fewer materials, such as precious metals and stones, are needed to manufacture minimalist cremation jewelry, they tend to be much less expensive. Also, expert jewelry makers require less time to design and build your beloved piece. Lastly, minimalist cremation jewelry also tends to be smaller, making it more affordable. The savings can offer minimalist cremation jewelry enthusiasts the option to include extra jewelry pieces for variety or layering.


When you choose a minimalist design, you also choose a more environmentally friendly jewelry piece. Since less materials are required, less effort is needed to mine and manufacture the elements that make up your cremation piece.

Perfect for Those New to Jewelry

Even though jewelry has been fashionable for ages, many people find wearing jewelry to be an uncomfortable experience. They may feel overwhelmed by elaborate designs or shy about making a fashion statement. Minimalist cremation jewelry allows the wearers to tread lightly into the world of accessories. A subtle remembrance piece will enable wearers to honor their loved ones without being on any keen observer’s radar. Because they can be worn with any outfit, minimalist cremation jewelry can be worn fashionably with confidence.

Thoughtful Gifts

Choosing a remembrance piece can be a very personal choice. A minimalist cremation jewelry piece may hit the right note for those looking to support a friend or family member through their grief process. Because they aren’t overtly elaborate, it's possible to still offer your love and support with a subtle cremation piece. Minimalist cremation pieces can be a moving gesture for those looking for solace during a difficult time.

Simplified Life

How you express yourself through cremation jewelry minimalism also reflects your lifestyle choice. People have been moving toward a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle that mirrors their ethical decisions. A minimalist cremation jewelry piece is a statement of that paired-down lifestyle commitment.

The Living Urn specializes in several ways to honor your departed loved one thoughtfully, including minimalist cremation jewelry. We understand that choosing the right jewelry piece to hold your loved one in remembrance can be challenging. Let the experts at The Living Urn support you in picking the most memorable piece for you.

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