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Eco Water Urn for Pets

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**Eco Water Urn Ships Same Day If Ordered Before 4pm EST**

Our pets hold special places in our hearts, memories, and lives. We cherish the time spent with them and the joy, comfort, and companionship they bring. Yet, for each, a time comes when they must be laid to rest.

We, as pet owners, seek to find an urn that allows us to disperse and commemorate our beloved four-legged family member in both a dignified and beautiful manner. At The Living Urn, we’ve taken this need very seriously and have striven hard to provide viable options for you to seamlessly honor the memory of your unique and beloved companion.

The Eco Water Urn for Pets is one of our well-loved options. With this unique urn, you can provide your beloved pet with a dignified memorial in the ocean or other body of water! This attractive water burial urn for pets gives you the ability to scatter your pet's ashes with in a dignified manner. 

The Eco Water Urn for pets is all natural and biodegradable. It floats upright like a buoy and disperses your beloved pet's ashes out of the bottom side of the urn while floating and in a short time. This special biodegradable water urn is designed to be used with up to two sets of pet ashes and can also be used with only one set or a portion.

As part of honoring your beloved pet with a water burial, you have the option to place flower petals, wreaths, or other plants in the water by the urn as it floats. You also have the option to write personal messages on the outside of the Eco Water Urn prior to a water burial.

The Eco Water Urn is packaged in a sturdy, all-natural bamboo case, which is helpful to protect the urn holding a pet's ashes as you transport it to the water, and for use in a ceremony.

Size - it's available in one size (220 cu. in.), large enough to fit up to 2 pets.

Many families choose to use the Eco Water Urn for Pets on their own to memorialize a beloved pet, while others prefer to use a boating or scattering service.  Click here to learn about the various scattering at sea services and packages we offer.

Learn More About Water Urns for Pets

How are Eco Water Urns for Pets urns designed?

Our Eco Water urns have been laboriously crafted to be both durable, sleek, and versatile to meet all of your eco urn desires. They are all natural and 100% biodegradable.

Eco Water urns are comprised of two parts: the Eco Water Urn itself and its sleek outer bamboo casing. The casing, both classy and strong, is designed to perfectly fit over the urn so that the urn is protected, transportable, and has a suitable display option until the urn can be brought to its final destination. The urn itself is designed so that, when placed into the water, it has the capacity to release your beloved pet’s ashes into the waves or water below in a graceful and dignified manner.

What is unique about the Eco Water urn for Pets?

With its unique design, our Eco Water urns offer unique features for your benefit and your pet’s dignified release into the water.

Once removed from its bamboo casing, the urn can be written on with markers or crayons - you may choose to write messages on the outside of the urn before releasing it to the waves. The inscriptions include personal messages, shared memories, favorite nicknames, prayers, or poetry as well as drawings to offer further closure before and during the release.

Breed Specific Pet Engravings

Just as you are able to write on the water urn, we’ve provided optional engraving services for the bamboo casing. This allows you to add a personal touch and message to even more fully commemorate your beloved pet. Common choices include initials, names, dates, or short meaningful phrases.

What size of Pet Urn do I need?

We’ve designed our Eco Water Urns to meet your needs, no matter your particular pet kind or breed. Our one-size option was carefully chosen through research and testing to ensure that the proportions fit our clients’ specific needs. The Eco Water Urn for Pets is large enough to fit the ashes of up to two pets.

How long does shipping take?

Once you’ve selected your quality Eco Water Urn, you can expect your package to arrive during the standard shipping time allotment. We ship all urns same day if the order is placed before 2pm MT (4pm ET).

How does the Eco Water Urn for Pets work?

Our intentionally designed Eco Water urns for Pets allows for ease of loading, transport, and release. It creates a special experience offers a few unique features and steps.

Loading your Urn

We’ve made it effortless to begin using your Eco Water Urn for Pets through four simple steps.

  1. Remove the urn from the bamboo casing sheath
  2. Pour in your pet’s ashes (and add in some sand or pebbles, as needed, per the detailed instructions provided)
  3. Securely affix the lid to the top of the urn
  4. Place the urn back into the bamboo casing

Transporting your Urn

Your transportation experience is optimized through our secure design. As the urn can be transported safely and securely in the bamboo casing, you can gather others who want to be involved in the water release and travel to the desired location - whether across the street or across the ocean.

Releasing your pets ashes

After you’ve loaded the ashes and transported them to your desired location, your next steps of scattering are very simple. Follow these four steps:

  1. Remove the urn from the bamboo casing sheath
  2. Place the urn into the desired body or area of water
  3. Wait and watch as the buoyant urn slowly set your beloved pet’s remains free into the waves

How to prepare to scatter a pets ashes in water?

Before you complete the release of their beloved pet’s remains into the water, some choose to “prepare” the water. This involves placing ornamentation into the water, including petals, wreaths, plants, or other organic matter. Then, they place the urn within the chosen materials for a beautiful experience. Some add to the experience by further placing flowers or other matter into the waves as the ashes are set free.

What type of water can I release the pet water urn into?

You don’t have many limitations when you consider the type of water and location best suited to be the final resting place for your pet. Through our Eco Water Urn, you’re able to release the ashes into a body of water (whether a sea, ocean, lake, or other aquatic choice) with class and dignity. Make sure to check the rules and regulations of the location where you choose to release the remains for any restrictions.

Other ways to memorialize your pet

We want to help you take the next step in your journey to honor your pet. We offer additional resources and information to guide you through each step of the process. Contact us today or review other resources we crafted to come alongside you during this time.

  1. Beautiful Ways to Memorialize Your Pet
  2. 10 Things to Do with the Cremated Ashes of Your Pet
  3. 5 Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Pet
Eco Friendly & Biodegradable

Eco Friendly & Biodegradable

The Eco Water Urn is 100% all natural and biodegradable. The urn itself is made from recycled plant materials and cellulose using only water, heat and pressure and without any glues or binding agents.  The casing is made entirely from beautiful bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and happens to be one of the most environmentally friendly building materials on the planet! 

Although it is biodegradable, it will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the water. Therefore, it can be used for a water burial right away or it can be used as a regular urn to hold ashes for as many years as you like before eventually freeing the remains in nature. After use, you can keep the bamboo case as keepsake or repurpose for other uses if you like. 

Bamboo Case - every Eco Water Urn BioUrn® comes in a beautiful handmade bamboo case. The bamboo case provides protection when storing remains or when traveling to that special place on the water to scatter. It also provides for a lovely presentation for ceremonies!



We understand your situation may be time sensitive. For this reason, we do our very best to ship your order as soon as possible!

Orders without Engraving:  Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will be shipped out the same day.

Orders with Engraving:  Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will likely be shipped out the same day (we will try our very best).  However, since custom engraving takes some time, it may ship the next day. 

Once shipped, how long until it arrives?  - We’re based in Denver and regular shipping takes 2 to 4 days depending on your proximity to us.  Of course, we also offer Overnight Express and 2-Day Express shipping options if needed. 



Laser Engraving - the bamboo surface engraves beautifully! The option to have yours engraved is available at checkout.  Our special engraving equipment uses a laser to engrave the bamboo with names, dates, symbols, and a special personal message.

Write Messages on The BioUrn® - families also have the option to write special and messages on the surface of the Eco Water Urn with a marker to add a personal touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions


The proprietary water urn is all-natural and completely biodegrades in the water

Advantageous Product Design

Proprietary design specifically for water burials - urn of choice of funeral homes!


Water burials performed with the Eco Water Urn are a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one

Bamboo Casing

Comes packaged in a bamboo casing that is a great way to transport the urn to that special place in the water!

Family Program & Pre-Need

Family Program & Pre-Need

The Family Program is designed for families that are splitting up remains or sharing remains among family to use remains for different purposes (scattering, Living Urn, The Living Urn Outdoors, keeping some in a traditional urn, etc.).

The family program provides you with a discount of 10% off your entire order when ordering more than one urn (simply use discount code FAMILYPROGRAM at checkout) - making it more affordable to pursue the memorial options best suited for your family. 

Pre Need (making plans in advance) - also, many families are interested in taking care of plans ahead of time. The Eco Water Urn can be purchased for yourself or in advance for a loved one. The urn has no expiration, and although it is all natural and biodegradable, it will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the water. Therefore, it can be stored safely for many years before use (as long as desired). 

Use the Ecorial App with the Eco Water Urn

Use the Ecorial App with the Eco Water Urn

The Ecorial® App is the leading new way to memorialize and honor a loved one as they Rest in Nature®. When scattering ashes on land or in water, use the Ecorial® App to “mark the spot” by recording the exact GPS coordinates plus the time and date of the event. You can also upload photos and videos of your loved one’s forever resting place and create a beautiful interactive online memorial with ease.

This special location can be found forever on the Memory Map® and shared with family, friends, and, if you choose, the world to see! The Ecorial® app can be found in Apple’s App Store (for iOS), Google Play (for Android), and on the web at

The Eco Water Urn is patent pending and has become one of the most popular options for water burials and is classified as a biodegradable water urn or a water burial urn. So, what is a water burial or sea burial?  A Water Burial is a special ceremony to scatter ashes in a body of water and commemorate and honor a loved one. During a water burial event, families scatter ashes in water or scatter ashes in the ocean.  Depending on the location, the family may also scatter ashes in a river or scatter ashes in a lake.  The Eco Water Urn has fast become the most popular biodegradable urn for scattering ashes in water and it can be purchased on our website and also at funeral homes all over the United States. A common alternative name for the Eco Water Urn is the water urn pod for ashes.

Why is the Eco Water urn so special? The Eco Water urn is special because it has a number of important advantages when comparing it to s other biodegradable urns used in burial at sea and other options for scattering remains in water or other biodegradable urns for water burials. An alternative to the Eco Water Urn is the biodegradable ashes pillow and some people also refer to this product as the burial at sea pillow the pillow water urn or the sea turtle cremation urn, which is also known as the biodegradable turtle urn, and the lily biodegradable urn among others. The Eco Water Urn different than these options because it is shaped like a buoy and floats in an easily visible and appealing manner with the bottom submerged and the top above water. The Eco Water Urn is also made from a highly attractive special biodegradable material that is made from plant derived material.  Its unique composition, design and shape all are important for its superior performance. These features allow the Eco Water burial urn to float in an upright position with balance and control. It is easy to see for onlookers and after a short period it breaks apart, releasing and completely freeing the cremated remains into the water.  With the Eco Water Urn, families have peace of mind knowing the performance of the urn will be predictable and the ceremony will be smooth. Because the Eco Water Urn is shaped the way it is and because if its special material composition, the distribution of the weight of the cremated remains enables the Eco Water Urn to float like a buoy for several minutes before the bottom gives way and releases the ashes, allowing them to disperse freely into the water. In a very short time after that, the remaining floating top will break down and sink.  It is important for the family to know that the water burial ceremony will be beautiful and dignified and the ashes will be dispersed in the water with grace.  The Eco Water Urn provides this comfort and confidence. 

There are a number of other products available on the market for scattering ashes in water or water burials and most are shaped in a way so that the weight of the ashes is spread across a large area as most have a thin, flat shape.  Because the weigh is distributed over a large surface area due to the urn shape, these products can be unpredictable and may take a long time to break down and sink. As a result, it can be difficult for families to know what to expect for their ceremony. The resulting variability in float time is not ideal and has the potential to create awkward or uncomfortable situations in ceremonies. Another urn used in water burials is the salt urn or the sand urn.  Eco Water is different than these because these urns will immediately sink and take a long time to break down and free the cremation ashes. Many families also choose the Eco Water Urn because they can write notes and special messages to their loved one directly on the Eco Water Urn with a regular marker pen. Writing messages on the urn before sending it into the water has become very popular with Water Burial ceremonies. Another unique and advantageous feature of the Eco water urn is that it is held and transported in a beautiful and sleek bamboo urn case. This makes it safe, convenient and easy to travel with the special urn to site where the water burial will take place.  Some of the other water urns available are large and of a shape that makes them awkward and difficult to travel with and transport.  The Eco Water Urn’s beautiful bamboo urn case also creates a dignified and attractive presentation water burial ceremonies to enhance the memorial experience. Lastly, its unique buoy or capsule shape allows families to attach beautiful flower leis or plant wreaths to the Eco Water Urn enhancing the beautiful water burial ceremony to honor their loved one and scatter the ashes in the water in the most beautiful, dignified and graceful way.