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The Living Urn Planter™ Keepsake

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This limited edition series of “living” urns hold the ashes of a loved one as well as a living succulent or other small plant that will keep your loved one’s memory present. Each Living Urn Planter™ has been meticulously handcrafted to create special living memory pieces worthy of the ones we love.


Created to symbolize honor and vitality, the solid wood Living Urn Planter™ is made from only premium wood with a smooth surface expressing the vibrant grains and natural beauty of the wood. The Living Urn Planter™ is designed to keep our loved one with us and present in our life, blending with a home's décor, but lighting up once noticed.


Each premium The Living Urn Planter™ is made in two parts - the top portion includes a small vase and is designed to hold a small succulent or other plant of choice; The bottom section includes an area to hold your loved one's ashes. Embedded (invisible) inside the wood are rare earth magnets that securely close the two pieces together, eliminating the need for hardware to keep the design elegant and minimal. In addition, each The Living Urn Planter™ comes with an all-natural cotton bag, that can be used to placed your loved one's ashes in before securing them in the urn.

A Living Memorial

The Living Urn Planter™ comes with a premium ceramic pot to hold a beautiful succulent or small plant. These plants are affordable and readily available at nurseries and hardware stores throughout the country. In addition, each unit comes with double drawstring, all-natural cotton bag to hold the cremated remains safely within the vessel. The Living Urn Planter can serve as your main memorial urn to preserve your loved one’s memory or can be a perfect indoor compliment to any Living Urn product.

The small keepsake urn that will hold up to 35 cubic inches of ashes (which equates to approximately 15% to 20% of a single person's ashes). 


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