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Based in Northern Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park spans the Continental Divide and includes stunning mountains, forests and alpine tundra.

With our Premium Rocky Mountain National Park Scattering Services packages you receive:

  • Permitting and Approvals for the Location Selected
  • Stamped and Addressed Custom Box to Securely Mail Ashes to the Site
  • Scattering Service with an Eco Scattering Urn 
  • Official Recording of Scattering (includes exact GPS coordinates and date/time stamp)
  • Images and Video of Scattering Event
  • Certificate of Scattering


Questions? Contact us at (800) 495-7022, ext. 4

Medicine Bow Curve

Medicine Bow Curve is a hairpin switchback on Trail Ridge Road that provides amazing views of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range (also referred to as the Never Summer Mountains).This picturesque spot is at an elevation of 11,640 feet, above the tree line and in the alpine tundra.

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medicine bow curve ashes scattering
upper beaver meadows ashes scattering

Upper Beaver Meadows

Upper Beaver Meadows in known for its abundant wildlife, including elk, deer, and various types of birds. This beautiful meadow has amazing views of stunning tree forests and Longs Peak, a mountain with an elevation of over fourteen thousand feet.

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Moraine Park

A popular location to visit or camp in Rocky Mountain National Park, Moraine Park is located in the alpine tundra and shows stunning panoramic views of sweeping valleys and mountain peaks.

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moraine park ashes scattering
ute trail ashes scattering

Ute Trail

A favorite trail of many hikers from Colorado and abroad, the Ute Trail provides sweeping unobstructed views of mountain peaks, meadows and beautiful wildflowers.

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