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San Francisco Ocean Scattering Services

San Francisco has one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world and is a popular place where many people choose as their final resting place! 

With our Premium San Francisco Ocean Scattering Services packages you receive:

  • Permitting and Approvals for the Location Selected
  • Stamped and Addressed Custom Box to Securely Mail Ashes to San Francisco
  • Tracking Chip to Place in Shipping Box (this allows you to track the package location in real-time to destination)
  • Scattering Service with Either an Eco Scattering Urn (for land scatterings) or Eco Water Urn (for water scatterings)
  • Official Recording of Scattering (includes exact GPS coordinates and date/time stamp)
  • Images and Video of Scattering Event

San Francisco Bay

The iconic San Francisco Bay stretches up to 13 miles side-to-side and 40 miles top-to-bottom. This beautiful bay has been part of many novels, movies and TV shows, and is a popular place where people choose to have their ashes scattered.

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san francisco bay ashes scattering
bonita cove ashes scattering

Bonita Cove

Bonita Cove is a picturesque cove northwest of the Golden Gate whose shoreline borders San Francisco County. This beautiful cove is also commonly referred to as Rialto Cove for a 19th century salvaged shipwreck.

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