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What is RootProtect®?

Cremated remains have a high pH level and cause the surrounding soil environment to become highly alkaline when buried in the ground. In addition, cremated remains contain sodium at elevated levels. As such, cremated remains, when mixed or placed in soil, can create an environment that inhibits plant and tree growth.

Understanding this challenge, the founders of The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System worked for years with leading arborists and soil scientists to develop RootProtect®a proprietary all-natural additive that is placed on top of the cremated remains in the BioUrn® to make the growing environment containing cremated remains suitable for tree growth. The proprietary formula of RootProtect® also serves to dilute the surrounding environment from the effects of the concentrated sodium in the cremated remains. 

Every Living Urn® sold comes with the proprietary RootProtect® additive to help allow you to grow a beautiful and vibrant memory tree, plant or flowers with ease from the cremated remains of your loved one and create a healthy living memorial to keep them present in your life.

For more information on RootProtect® and the importance of including this special additive, please call us at (800) 495-7022 ext.0.