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America's Leading Biotree Urn

The Living Urn, America's leading biotree urn, is a patent pending system that gives families the ability to grow a living memory tree from a special biodegradable urn holding a loved one's ashes.

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This special bio urn and planting system comes with everything needed to grow a memory tree, including a unique all natural biodegradable urn made from recycled plant materials with heat and pressure, no glues or chemicals. The urn is designed to hold a loved one's ashes, soil additives, and the roots of a tree, and biodegrades quickly after being planted so it doesn't inhibit root growth. The system also includes RootProtect®, a special natural soil additive to make the growing environment containing cremated remains suitable for tree growth, mulch or wood chips, planting instructions, and comes packaged in a cylinder made from bamboo (a sustainable resource) - a perfect protective case for transporting the bio urn, or for use in ceremonies.

In addition, families can choose from over 20 one to four foot trees hand picked by our arborists for each area of the U.S. (identified by zip code) so you can be sure that the tree planted is right for your area! Simply type in your zip code in the tree selection page to learn about the tree options available where you live.

The founders of The Living Urn spent years designing a system that is not only all natural and eco-friendly, but actually works. They wanted to help ensure that families that put their trust in The Living Urn for their loved one's memorial have a successful outcome.

Important advantages of The Living Urn include:

  • it's the only system in the world designed to be used with living trees and not seeds - this is important as it can be a challenge for most people to grow a tree from a seed. With The Living Urn, your young tree is already past the critical seed and seedling stage and is much better positioned to grow and thrive from day one.

  • it comes with everything needed to grow a tree memorial - this includes the special bio urn, a proprietary soil additive to counter certain properties of cremated remains so a tree can grow and thrive, mulch, and detailed step-by-step planting instructions. 

  • the unique design of its biodegradable urn - the special urn is about a foot tall and is large enough to accommodate up to 100% of a person's cremated remains along with soil additives. In addition, the urn is made from recycled plant materials with only heat and pressure (no glues or chemicals) and breaks down quickly underground so it doesn't inhibit tree root growth.

The Living Urn comes in two versions, one for people and the other for pets and is available at hundreds of funeral homes and cemeteries throughout the U.S.  Join the thousands of families who have planted a Living Urn to honor a loved one and are now enjoying the beauty of their living tree memorial.

Grow a Living Memory with The Living Urn bio urn and planting system..

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