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Autumnalis Flowering Cherry

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The Living Urn® ships now;  2-4' Premium Japanese Flowering Cherry (Autumnalis) Tree will ship separately within 5-10 days from your order fresh from our nursery and ready to plant. Please contact us if you need your tree sooner or by a certain date.

What’s Included

Everything you need to grow a living memory:

  •    Our Patented BioUrn®
  •    RootProtect® Proprietary Soil Additive
  •    Aged Wood Chips
  •    Step-By-Step Planting Instructions
  •    2-4 Foot Premium Autumnalis Flowering Cherry Tree

        Questions? Check out our FAQ Page.

        Japanese Flowering Cherry cannot be shipped to AK, CA, CO, HI, OR, and WA due to state restrictions.


        The Autumnalis Flowering Cherry Tree is a highly unique tree as it is they only Cherry Blossom to bloom its stunning flowers twice a year - once in the Spring and again in the Fall or Winter! In the Summer months it is filled with bright green foliage that makes a circular shaped canopy that turns a beautiful golden color in the Fall!

        This special species is a great ornamental tree for any landscape and can be planted alone, in a small cluster, or to line a walkway or driveway. Sit back and enjoy this beautiful tree and all the song birds it attracts!

        • Beautiful Blooms Twice Per Year!
        • Low Maintenance and Loves Full Sun
        • Attracts Songbirds!


        The Japanese Flowering Cherry is an important source of food for many small birds and mammals including robins, cardinals, and waxwings.