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Burial Urn for Pets

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Pets are much more than animals who live within our homes. Often, they grow to become dearly loved members of our families. They bring us joy. With them, we share countless memories. They bring comfort during challenging moments, hope during dark days, and even greater joy to life’s happiest moments. They’re family.

And as such, we often seek beautiful  memorials and resting places for the ashes of our beloved four-legged friends. At The Living Urn, we’ve taken this desire seriously as we’ve crafted a variety of pet urns to meet each individual’s unique needs--including our burial urn for pets.

The patent pending Eco Burial Urn for Pets is the leading new environmentally-friendly way to bury the ashes of a beloved pet in a dignified way. This special urn can also serve as a beautiful wooden pet cremation urn that can be kept indoors. It is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is easy to use. Many people bury it in a garden, forest, pet cemetery, or anywhere else you see fit! This special memorial urn can also be kept inside on a mantle or at a favorite place!

This patent pending biodegradable pet urn is available in one size, large enough to fit 100% of the ashes of 1 to 2 larger pets and up to 5 smaller pets.

Learn More About Eco Burial Urns for Pets

How are pet burial urns designed?

Eco Burial urns are our new, patent pending leading environmentally-friendly urn best suited to your needs.

Our uniquely sleek and durable design allows for a dignified resting space for your beloved pet. With its carefully crafted bamboo exterior, this special urn can serve as a beautiful wooden cremation urn for pets. You can keep it indoors until you are ready to bury your four-legged family member’s ashes in their final resting place. The material is both beautiful and strong, made in both a sturdy and environmentally friendly manner.

This allows you to have a lovely experience even as your chosen place for burial is not harmed through its environmentally-friendly enclosing of your pet’s ashes.

Why choose Eco Burial for Pets?

Our burial urn options aren’t just artfully designed and carefully crafted, they are also good for the environment! Our patent pending biodegradable burial urn is a holistic and responsible choice which allows you to transport and bury your beloved pet’s ashes and honor their memory. Made of 100% biodegradable bamboo, you can rest assured that you are honoring the earth as well as your four-legged friends’ memory.

How to choose the right size urn for my pet?

We’ve designed our pet burial urns to meet your needs, no matter your particular pet kind or breed. Our one-size option was carefully chosen through research and testing to ensure that the proportions fit our clients’ specific needs. Our urns are large enough to fit 100% of your beloved pet’s cremated remains. It can adequately hold the ashes of 1 to 2 larger pets or can contain up to 5 smaller pets in a commemorative and honorable manner. Many families also choose to include special toys, keepsakes, or mementos in the urn along with their pet’s ashes.

Can I engrave my Pet Urn?

Many desire to customize their urn experience. With The Living Urn, we provide you with an optional, built-in affordable engravement service. This allows you to add a personal touch and message to the urn to even more fully commemorate your beloved pet.

How long does shipping take?

Once you’ve selected your quality burial urn, you can expect your package to arrive during the standard shipping time allotment. All orders ship same day if placed before 2pm MT (4pm ET).

What are others saying about their Living Urn for Pets experience?

Many have used and trusted our Eco Burial urns from their ash burying needs for pets and others. You can hear their testimonials as you seek to find a dignified and honorable solution.

  • The Biodegradable Burial Urn suited our needs perfectly. Everyone was impressed with its simplicity and beauty. (Don A., verified buyer, Canada)
  • It is surprisingly difficult to find an aesthetically pleasing biodegradable urn… This urn worked perfectly — it is simple and elegant. (Anonymous, verified buyer, U.S.)
  • This urn is every bit as beautiful as the picture. I looked on the internet for days and then found this and knew instantly it was what I wanted. (Loranell B., verified buyer, U.S.)

What is a Pet urn burial?

Burial of your beloved pet’s urn is a form of ash scattering often called trenching. Trenching is when a trench or small area is dug and the ashes are placed into the chosen carved out area. The ashes are commonly given a “green burial” through being placed in a specially chosen biodegradable urn.

Where can I bury my Pets Ashes?

You face few limitations when it comes to choosing a burial location. Many people choose to bury in a variety of common locations, including at home, in a garden, forest, or pet cemetery. Our specially crafted memorial urn can be kept inside on a mantle or other chosen commemorative place until you desire to bury the ashes for their final resting place.

Our eco burial urns are easily transportable to a wide range of locations. You can select a spot close to your home’s location, or you can choose to travel to a place that has special significance to you and your pet that is outside of your home’s confines.

Should I include others when I bury my pets ashes?

You get to select those people who will participate along with you as you bury your beloved four-legged family member’s ashes in their final resting place. You may desire to restrict those who are in attendance to just yourself or the closest of family members. You might choose to involve multiple people to whom your four-legged friend was highly significant to partake in the burial in order to have a more commemorative experience. You can feel guilt-free no matter which option you choose as you simply seek to create the most fulfilling and memorable experience for the few or many gathered.

What do I say as we bury my pets ashes?

Many can feel at a loss for adequate words or sentiments to express as they scatter the ashes individually or with their chosen group at their chosen location(s). Preparing beforehand can easily help you and your loved ones remember the times you spent with your beloved pet and commemorate their legacy. People sometimes craft a small “burial ceremony” where they share memories, a short poem or prayer is read, and the moment is captured on video or other recording devices. Although not necessary, such a ceremony can enhance your eco burial experience to deliver a thoughtful and meaningful time for all.

Other ways to remember your pets

We want to help you take the next step in your journey to honor your pet. Contact us today or review other resources we crafted to come alongside you during this time.