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Eco Scattering Urns for Pets

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Size: Small (for pets up to 50 lbs)

Your beloved four-legged friend needs to be commemorated in a way that brings you joy and honors their role in you and your family’s life.

We at the Living Urn deeply believe this and have thoroughly and carefully worked to create an urn that is capable of living up to such needs and desires.

Our urns don’t sacrifice quality but exceed expectations. The popular Eco Scattering Urn for pets is a leading new environmentally friendly urn option. This incredibly sleek design maintains optimum portability for graceful transportation of your pet.

The unique, patent pending locking mechanism of this special scatter urn for pets secures your beloved pet's ashes in the urn while traveling to that favorite place. And, if you decide to scatter the ashes of your pet at multiple places, this locking mechanism allows you to scatter, then re-secure the remaining pet ashes in the scattering urn to travel to and scatter elsewhere.

Eco Scattering™ Urn for Pets is available in two sizes:

-Small (50 cu in, 9" tall x 2.5" diameter): for small and medium-sized pets up to 50 lbs.

-Large (100 cu in, 13.6" tall x 3.3" diameter): for large pets up to 100 lbs.

Many families choose to use the Eco Scattering Urn for Pets on their own to memorialize a beloved pet, while others prefer to use a scattering service.  Click here to learn about the various scattering services and packages we offer.

How it works...

Loading a Pet's Ashes:

  1. Remove the wood locking pin and remove top
  2. Pour in your pet's ashes
  3. Place the top back on and line up locking pin holes in the 'closed' position
  4. Place the wood pin back in the hole to secure top to base

Then, go to that favorite place with the ashes of your beloved pet (which are now secure in the the urn).

To Scatter a Pet's Ashes:

  1. Pull out the wood locking pin
  2. Rotate the top to the open position 
  3. Insert locking pin to lock the top in the open position
  4. Wave urn away from your body to scatter
Learn More About Scattering Urns for Pets

Why choose Eco Scattering for your Pet Memorial?

Our scattering urn options aren’t just artfully designed and carefully crafted. They are also good for the environment! Our patent pending biodegradable scattering urn is a holistic and responsible choice to allow you to transport your beloved pet’s ashes and honor their memory. Made of 100% biodegradable bamboo and packaged in a hand-sewn cotton bag, you can rest assured that you are honoring the earth as well as your four-legged friend’s memory.

What are others saying about their Eco Scattering experience for Pets?

You’re not the first to try our Eco Scattering Urns for Pets or other scattering urn options. You can rest assured knowing that many clients have embarked on a scattering journey with their Eco Scattering Urn and share their experiences.

  • We passed the urn to all that wanted to partake in the ceremony and it was very well received by all. The urn was easy to handle for everyone. Thank you. (Betty B., verified buyer, U.S.)
  • I found this perfect for my family’s needs...strong, beautiful, biodegradable. Dealing online with you was easy and fast. (Anna L., verified buyer, U.S.)
  • It suited our needs perfectly and we also buried the urn where the ashes were scattered. It was a quality product and was very easy to use. I would highly recommend it. (Kathleen A., verified buyer, U.S.)

How does the Eco Scattering Urn for Pets work?

Our proprietary designed Eco Scattering Urn allows for both ease of loading, transport, and scattering. We have crafted a unique experience that guides you through all three steps of use.

Loading your Urn

We’ve made it effortless to begin using your Eco Scattering Urn through four simple steps.

  1. Remove the wood locking pin and remove the bamboo top
  2. Pour in your pet’s ashes
  3. Place the top back on and line up locking pin holes in the ‘closed’ position
  4. Place the wood pin back in the hole to secure the urn from top to base

Transporting your Urn

Your transportation experience is optimized through our secure design. We’ve incorporated a unique, patent pending locking mechanism on top of the urn and it comes packaged in a hand-sewn cotton bag. This secures your beloved pet’s ashes inside the pet urn while you travel to your desired, special location. If you have not chosen just one location for scattering but many, this secure transport system will allow you to deliver the ashes while locking and unlocking the urn as needed.

Once you’ve arrived at your desired location, you are easily able to use the urn to scatter the cremated remains of your beloved pet.

Scattering your pets ashes

After you’ve loaded the ashes and transported them to your desired location or locations, your next steps of scattering are very simple. Follow these four steps:

  1. Pull out the wood locking pin
  2. Rotate the top to the open position
  3. Insert the locking pin to lock the top in the open position
  4. Scatter “down wind” and wave urn away from your body to scatter

How long does shipping take?

Once you’ve ordered your Eco Scattering Urn, you can expect your package to arrive during the standard shipping time allotment. We ship all urns same day for orders placed before 2pm MT (4pm ET).

Where can I scatter the ashes?

You have multiple options for scattering the ashes. You can choose one location to disperse the entirety of your pet’s remains, or you can choose multiple locations in order to disperse the cremated remains of your beloved pet – these can be many locations that your pet loved or in which you shared significant memories.

Popular locations for scattering a pet’s ashes include but are not limited to: at home in the yard, in national or state parks, local parks or forested areas where memories were shared, or places of water such as oceans, lakes, streams, creeks, and more.

Please note that you must check your local government’s rules and regulations to make sure you are abiding by any scattering stipulations.

Who can scatter the ashes?

Choosing who gets to partake in scattering your beloved pet’s ashes is an important decision.

You may desire to scatter the ashes in a single scattering while alone. Or, you may choose to involve multiple people to whom your four-legged friend was highly significant to partake in the scattering. With our secure Eco Scattering Urn for Pets, you have the option to partially scatter ashes in one location with one group of people while saving part of the remains to send to another person or group of people at another location.

At the Living Urn, we’ve striven hard to ensure that our urns are highly durable and can endure multiple scattering locations so that you pet’s memory can be rightfully honored.

What do I say as we scatter the ashes?

Many can feel at a loss for adequate words or sentiments to express as they scatter the ashes individually or with their chosen group at a special location(s). Preparing beforehand can easily help you and your loved ones remember the times you spend with your beloved pet and commemorate their legacy. People sometimes craft a small “scattering ceremony” where people share memories, a short poem or prayer is read, and the moment is captured on video or other recording devices. Although not necessary, such a ceremony can enhance your eco urn ash scattering experience to deliver a thoughtful and meaningful time for all.

Other ways to remember your pet

We want to help you take the next step in your journey to honor your pet. Contact us today or review other resources we’ve crafted to come alongside you during this time.