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Living Glass Pet Keepsake Urns

Material: Glass

Original price $189.00
Original price $189.00 - Original price $189.00
Original price $189.00
Current price $179.00
$179.00 - $179.00
Current price $179.00
Style: Emerald Green

Living Glass Pet Keepsake Urns are beautiful small urns made from glass designed to hold or scatter all or a portion of your pet's ashes. Place this stunning colorful pet urn on a prominent shelf in the living room, in a window sill to see light shine through it, or any other special place you prefer! You can also use it to scatter a loved one’s ashes at that favorite place! The Living Glass Pet Keepsake Urn comes in 2 colors: Deep Ocean Blue and Emerald Green and holds ashes up to the weight of a 20 lb. pet or part of the ashes of a larger pet.

*Please note, these are custom pieces and will take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive after ordering.

We also offer additional Living Glass keepsake options, including orbs, hearts, and touchstones.

How Does It Work?

Ordering a premium Living Glass Keepsake is simple and easy.

Step 1 – Place Your Order

Choose your Living Glass Keepsake and place your order.

Step 2 – Receive & Return Ash Collection Kit

We will mail you an easy-to-use Ash Collection Kit right away to be used to send us a tablespoon of your loved one's ashes. Your Ash Collection Kit will include a measuring scoop, a secure vial to hold ashes and detailed instructions.  We also include a return envelope that you will use to send us back the Ash Collection Kit using USPS**

Step 3 – Making Your Keepsake & Delivery

Once we receive your Ash Collection Kit, we’ll send you an email letting you know.  Within 30 days of receiving your Ash Collection Kit, we’ll build your beautiful, ash-infused Living Glass Piece from scratch and ship it out to you, carefully packaged, free of charge. We care very much that you have a positive experience with us and we are here to help if you have any questions - just give us a call or send us an email. 

*Please note, per USPS rules for shipping cremated remains, The Priority Express Mail envelope we provide should be used to send us the Ash Collection Kit.  This special class of shipping, including tracking and insurance, will cost approx. $25 and will need to be paid by you to USPS when you drop off the envelope at the post office.

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