Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

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Spanning nearly one million acres, Olympic National Park is a treasure located in the Pacific Northwest. The park is home to stunning temperate rainforest, alpine highlands, peaceful lakeshores, and picturesque Pacific coastline that can seem untouched by mankind. It is also home to Mount Olympus, a 7,980 foot high peak that is a popular destination for hikers and mountain climbers. Another popular location visited in the park is Hurricane Ridge, an easily accessible area with stunning mountain and valley views.

Our trained guides help provide you with a beautiful memorial of a loved one in Olympic National Park.

Questions?  Contact us at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0


Unaccompanied Service

One of our trained professionals takes your loved one’s ashes to a place of your choosing to scatter. This service includes:

  • Stamped and addressed custom box to securely mail your loved one's ashes to the location of your choice
  • Eco Scattering Urn, an environmentally-friendly urn made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable resource
  • Permits and approvals (as needed - varies by location)
  • Photos & video of the scattering
  • Official permanent recording of the scattering, including the exact GPS coordinates and a date and time stamp (stored on our secure servers)
  • Framed Certificate of Scattering
  • Free online memorial on the Ecorial app and website (optional)
  • Date of your choosing (optional)


Accompanied Service

Our Premium Accompanied Ash Scattering Service includes everything that is listed above and provided with the Unaccompanied Ash Scattering Service with the following additions:

  • Coordinate and accompany family and friends to the scattering location
  • Personalized ceremony that includes the scattering of a loved one’s ashes
  • Prayer, eulogy, song, etc.
  • A ceremony guide
  • Additional video options available

Upon ordering an Accompanied Service, our guide will contact you to coordinate the date/time of the scattering event, as well as work with you to personalize the event for your family and friends. 


Standard Timing vs. Exact Date

  • Standard timing (typically scatter within 30-90 days) - With this option we immediately start working on getting the necessary approvals for your loved one's scattering event, then our trained guide will make sure the weather is ideal before heading out to scatter. We will keep you updated along the way and provide an exact scattering date after the approvals are obtained.
  • Exact date - Do want to have your loved one's ashes scattered on a special day (birthday, anniversary, etc.)?  We can help! Once you select a special date, our guide in the area will reach out within 24 hours to confirm if we are able to gain all of the necessary approvals to be able to scatter on that date.