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beautiful spring trees

Why Do People Love Spring? Here Are 10 Good Reasons

Spring has arrived! This special season is loved by many ~ here are 10 good reasons why...

10.  More Daylight

daylight spring

In Spring, days get longer and nights get shorter, providing us with more hours of daylight! This is due to a change in the earth’s horizon and alignment with the sun.

9.  Temperatures Become Pleasant

Spring temperatures

In Spring, the earth’s axis is angled in between our closest and furthest point away from the sun. Temperatures become much more pleasant as we leave the frigid temperatures of Winter and get to enjoy the moderate weather before a hot Summer arrives!

8.  Fresh Air!

fresh air spring

With more pleasant temperatures arriving in the Spring, you no longer have to sit indoors, bundle up, and rely on heaters to stay warm. During Spring, you can turn off the heat and open the windows in your home and in the car to enjoy the fresh air!

7.  Vitamin D

vitamin D sun

With more sunlight in the Spring, the sun’s ultraviolet B rays contact our skin and provide us with more Vitamin D! This important vitamin helps bone and teeth health.

6.  Moods Improve

mood improves

After a cold Winter where many people find themselves indoors, sunlight is the best remedy! Studies have proven that exposure to sunlight can increase the amount of serotonin in the brain which can result in people being happier. Sunlight also causes the amount melatonin in our bodies to be lower during the day and increase at night to help us sleep better!

5.  Fruits and Vegetables are Abundant

fruits and vegetables

During Spring months, some of the most popular fruits and vegetables sprout and are ready for us to enjoy!

4.  Animals Return

animals spring

Many animals either hide out during the Winter months or migrate South in search of warmer weather. When Spring arrives and temperatures become warmer, animals start to appear again!  Also, in Spring food becomes plentiful for animals and many give birth - this makes for a wonderful time to see your favorite baby animals!

3.  Flowers Bloom

flowers spring

A stunning array of color becomes visible in many yards and parks as flowers begin to bloom!

2.  Plants and Grass Turn Green

green grass spring

In most areas of the country, the Winter season is full of snow, ice, and brown vegetation. As Spring comes around, grass and plants convert the increased amount of sunlight to energy. Their chlorophyll absorbs the red and blue light and reflects the green light back to us which displays the beautiful green color.

1.  Trees!

bio urn

After spending a long Winter season in dormancy, trees ‘wake up’ from their dormant state in the Spring and display vibrant blooms of pink, purple, red, white, orange, blue, and yellow!

Spring is also a great time to plant new trees! Visit your local nursery to pick up a tree or two to plant in the yard or donate to a nearby park.

In addition, if you’ve recently had a loved one or pet pass, or if you have ashes at home that you’ve stored for years, Spring is a great time to plant a living tree memorial in their honor with The Living Urn’s patented bio urn and planting system! Over 50 tree options are available from The Living Urn®, narrowed down by zip code to what grows best in your area. Alternatively, you can get The Living Urn® without a tree and pick up a tree, shrub, or rose bush at your local nursery to plant with this special tree burial system and honor a loved one!

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