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why Spring is a favorite season

Spring is Here! 10 Reasons Why It's Our Favorite Season

Spring is here! If it’s not your favorite season, here are ten good reasons why you may want to reconsider...

pleasant temperatures

    • Temperatures Become More Pleasant: During Spring the axis of the Earth is at an angle in between our closest and furthest point from the sun. The temperatures become more moderate and people can say goodbye to the frigid cold of Winter and enjoy the transition before a hot Summer kicks in.

    more daylight

    • More Daylight Hours: Not only do the clocks turn back an hour right before Spring in most states, following the Spring equinox, days get longer and nights get shorter. This is due to the earth’s horizon and its alignment with the Sun.

    mood improves in Spring

    • Peoples' Mood Improves: After a dreary winter, sunlight is the best remedy. Scientists have proven that sunlight exposure increases your body’s release of serotonin in the brain causing people to be happier. Sunlight also lessens the amount of melatonin in people during the day and increases it at night allowing for a better nights sleep.

    windows open in Spring

          • Windows Can Be Opened to Enjoy the Fresh Air: With the warmer Spring weather, no longer do you have to be bundled up indoors relying on heaters to stay warm. Open your windows and let the fresh air in!

          sunlight vitamins

          • Sunlight Provides Us With Vitamin D: Yes, it’s a fact. Ultraviolet B rays from the sun comes in contact with our skin and provides us with Vitamin D. This important vitamin helps strengthen bones and teeth.
          animals return
          • Animals Become Abundant: Many animals migrate to the south or hide out during the winter. When Spring comes and things warm up, the animals come back too! In addition, food becomes abundant for animals and many reproduce in the Spring – a great time to see your favorite baby animals!

          vegetables in Spring

          • Fruits and Vegetables Sprout: During Spring many of our most popular fruits and vegetables sprout and become ready for us to eat!

          flowers start blooming

          • Flowers Start Blooming: Beautiful colors become apparent in many landscapes as flowers come out of hiding and start blooming!

          green park

          • Plants and Grass Turn Green: In most parts of the U.S., winter is full of white snow and brown vegetation. During Spring, plants and grass convert the additional sunlight into energy and generate chlorophyll, turning them green.

          Spring Trees

          • Trees, Trees, Trees! After surviving the cold winter in their dormant state, deciduous trees come out of dormancy in the Spring and provide us with vibrant and beautiful blooms of red, pink, and orange, among other colors. It’s also a great time to plant new trees. In addition, if you’ve had a loved one recently pass, it’s the perfect time to plant a tree memorial in their honor with The Living Urn, and its selection of biodegradable urns and planting systems that are gaining in popularity. Now, see the vibrant tree colors of Spring with a truly memorable living bio tree memorial in honor of a loved one!

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