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Saucer Magnolia: A Landscape Show Stopper!

Saucer Magnolia: A Landscape Show Stopper!

The magnificent Saucer Magnolia is a landscape show-stopper! The stunning early Spring blossoms have been said to open “like a thousand porcelain goblets”, and lush summertime leaves are dark green and leathery - adding nice contrast to its silvery-gray bark.It displays large, saucer-shaped flowers with petals that are a vibrant pinkish-purple on the outside and creamy white on the inside. It’s considered a medium to fast growing tree and tolerant of poor soil. It also continues to exhibit blossoms when other trees are finished for the season. It’s one of the most popular flowering trees in the United States for good reason!


Wildlife use larger branches of the Saucer Magnolia as nesting sites and the sprouts of young trees are browsed.

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