Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant a Tree Memorial

Fall is a beautiful time of year. It's a time of change - cooler temperatures take hold and leaves display vibrant red, yellow, and orange colors providing stunning landscapes throughout the country. After a hot Summer, we’re motivated to enjoy the cooler temperatures and head outdoors for a walk, picnic, or simply take a drive to enjoy the brilliance of the season! Fall is also a wonderful time to plant trees and grow a living memorial of a loved one with The Living Urn’s patented tree urn and planting system.

Many families ask us about planting in the Fall season – below we provide answers to some of the most common questions.

Is the Fall season considered a good time to plant a tree with The Living Urn?

Fall Season

Fall is considered by many as the best time of year to plant a tree in the U.S and an excellent time of year to plant a Living Urn to honor a loved one and grow a memory tree.

The months of September and October are a perfect time to plant but this time frame can be stretched later into the season, especially when winter comes later than normal. In warmer States like California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee, planting in November and December is also very common.  

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Why is Fall such a great time to plant?

There are many reasons why Fall is such a good time to plant. Below we highlight some of the important ones:

  • Trees focus on root growth - In the Fall, deciduous trees drop their leaves and enter into dormancy. This allows the newly planted tree to focus all of its energy on expanding and growing its root system which it continues to do all through the winter. Other times of the year, trees need to divide their energy between shoots and leaves in addition to roots. Also, in the Fall, the soil stays warm well after the air temperature cools, which also encourages root growth. With a strong and robust root system, your tree will be well set to take off in the Spring!
  • Less watering - Increased rainfall and cooler temperatures means less watering time for you!
  • Improved drought tolerance - trees planted in the Fall are generally better equipped to deal with heat and drought in future seasons. Compared to trees planted in the Spring or Summer, trees planted in the Fall get an extra 6 to 8 months of initial root growth before the Summer heat sets in.
  • Pleasant temperatures for planting - spending time outdoors and preparing the planting site for your tree and Living Urn is much more pleasant in the Fall when temperatures are mild, compared with summer when it’s hot or winter when it is cold. In addition, the soil is typically easy to work with and less soggy than it can be in the Spring.
  • Fewer insects - leaf chewers and other insects are less active in the Fall and Winter months. This means less stress for newly planted trees and plants.
  • A perfect time for an outdoor ceremony - with cooler, comfortable temperatures, it’s a great time to hold a Living Urn planting ceremony with family and friends. Planting ceremonies are becoming a more and more popular alternative to a traditional funeral and many people love having family and friends participate in the planting process.
  • Tree availability - the Living Urn’s tree nursery is currently well stocked and has thousands of healthy 2-4’ trees available and ready to ship! Simply pick out your loved one’s favorite tree and have it shipped to your doorstep or location of your choosing ready to plant with the special bio urn containing a portion or all of your loved one’s ashes. Are you looking for something special not listed on our website – we can still help! Just send an email or give us a call. It’s likely we grow it or can find it for you!
  • Helping the environment - the sooner you plant, the sooner your loved one’s memorial can give back to Mother Nature and future generations. Trees provide oxygen, clean the air, support wildlife, and add striking beauty to any landscape. In addition, for every tree planted with The Living Urn, we will plant a second tree in one of America’s forests in need of reforestation – just our way of helping to double the impact of your loved one’s memorial!

These are just some of many compelling reasons to plant a tree memorial of a loved one this Fall! 

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When is it too late to plant?

As a general rule, as long as the ground is not frozen, you can still plant a tree.  Basically, it is best to plant your tree no later than four weeks before the ground freezes or before the most extreme cold weather of the season arrives so it has a chance to “root in”.

While these guidelines are useful for most states, warmer states like California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Tennessee, allow trees to be planted later into the season and with more flexibility. In these locations, the months of November and December are also great times to plant.

Once I plant a new tree in Fall, do I need to do anything to prepare it for Winter?

Trees are tough and resilient and have adapted and evolved to deal with the elements. With that said, a newly planted tree still needs a little help from you to get going before it becomes self-sufficient. When you plant in the Fall, be sure to water your tree weekly (taking into account rainfall), even after the leaves have fallen off. Continue watering all winter until the ground freezes. Remember, even if your tree has dropped its leaves, it is still working hard on its roots and watering it properly provides the critical moisture and oxygen they need to expand.

Also, follow the instructions provided with your Living Urn to mulch properly. Mulching keeps the soil around the roots of your young tree moist, which is very important. It also insulates the soil from rapid increases and decreases in temperature, just like a forest floor in nature. In addition, mulch helps keep weeds from growing that will try and compete with you tree for moisture and nutrients. 

What if the ground freezes where I’m at? 

If you’re in the Northern part of the country, there is a good chance the ground may be frozen by late Fall. If this is the case where you’re at, but you still want to plant a living tree memorial of a loved one (or pet), you can purchase The Living Urn now (which is shipped right away) and choose to have the tree shipped in the Spring (another great time to plant!). Alternatively, you can order The Living Urn with a voucher for a tree that can be redeemed for any tree we offer at any time, or opt for our indoor planter urn that lets you grow a bonsai tree or houseplant indoors.

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