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27,000 Trees Are Consumed Every Day Just to Make Toilet Paper

27,000 Trees Are Consumed Every Day Just to Make Toilet Paper

Trees are a precious resource. They provide us with significant benefits – help clean the air; provide us with oxygen; provide shade; prevent soil erosion; provide wind breaks; help clean the groundwater; provide wildlife with food and shelter; and make the world a much more beautiful place to live.

However, with the destruction of the rain forest, and other manmade deforestation efforts, coupled with insect destruction present in many of our forests and the large forest fires experienced over the past few decades, the tree population is being significantly diminished and is in need of help. 

There are many staggering facts surrounding trees, however, one you don’t hear much about is that 27,000 trees are used each day simply to fill our daily demand for toilet paper. Similar to other paper products, the demand for toilet paper is increasing at a faster rate than ever. This can be primarily attributed to a global population that continues to grow, the increased adoption of Western lifestyles, and sanitation improvements in the developing world.

The paper demand is not going away any time soon, and other pressures on our forests don’t seem to be letting up either.  So, what can we do?  Here are a few ideas on how we can help… 

  • Organize a Community Event to Plant Trees: This can be at a church, city park, or even a piece of private land. Many nurseries and other organizations would donate trees to a great cause. And, yes, this is a great cause. It is something the entire family can be involved with and what a better time to do this than in the Spring or early Summer.
  • Go on a Hike with Family or Friends: Enjoy the beauty of trees. Educate the younger generation about the importance of trees and the various types you encounter along the hike. And, of course, bring a few seedlings to plant along the way.
  • Plant Trees in Your Yard: The more, the merrier. So, instead of the low maintenance rocks in the yard, dig a hole and plant a tree!
  • Take Action Against Forest Destruction: There are many great organizations that are working hard to fight the destruction of the world’s forests. Just do some research online to find the organization that is right for you.
  • Plant a Bio Urn with a Tree: If you have a set of a loved one’s ashes sitting on the mantle or in the closet, it’s time to take action. You can now create a beautiful tree memorial with their ashes and The Living Urn bio urn and planting system. This burial pod is simple to use and they have great customer testimonials posted online. It’s an affordable, uplifting bio tree urn memorial that lets you (and your loved one) ‘give back’!
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