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Prairifire Flowering Crabapple:  A Truly Stunning Tree

Prairifire Flowering Crabapple: A Truly Stunning Tree

This is a truly stunning ornamental tree to behold. This beautiful species offers showy, long lasting dark pink to red spring flowers that draw you in. In addition, this special variety provides year-round beauty with its changing leaf color. Glossy maroon or purplish-red in Spring, the leaves become dark green with purplish-red veins in the summer then a beautiful bronze color in the Fall. And to add to its visual appeal, the Prairifire Flowering Crabapple is disease-resistant and able to adapt to many different site conditions.


The fruits of the Prairifire Flowering Crabapple are important food for many birds and mammals.

Quirky Facts

Crabapples are self-fertile, which means they depend on insects such as bees to transfer pollen between flowers on the same tree, though they do not require another tree of the same kind to produce crabapples.

Did you know that crabapples will also pollinate apple trees? However, because bees tend to stay within the same flower color when foraging apple blossoms, they try and match the flower color of the crabapple to the apple variety.

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