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All About Glass Urns

All About Glass Urns

Families may be hesitant to display an urn with their loved one’s ashes because of the perception by some that traditional urns are visually unappealing. While a traditional or conventional urn can be a great option, many families look to honor their loved one in a different and more unique way. An excellent option is the glass urn. A glass urn is both timeless and modern and a unique piece of art. Glass urns are aesthetically pleasing in form and function. Hand-blown glass urns are an appropriate way to honor your departed loved one with their attractive shape and artistic design. And, since there are so many colors and styles of glass urns, you’re sure to find one that honors your loved one and fits in with your current décor.

What is a Glass Urn?

glass urns

Urns are special containers used for holding the cremated remains, or ash, of someone who has passed on. Urns can be used simply for storage (many people keep urns in the closet) or for display in the home. While urns can be made out of metal, wood, or ceramic, they can also be made out of glass. Glass urns are most often made by hand one at a time using a process called glass blowing. Glass blowing is an ancient technique that uses extreme heat and the power of a glassblower’s breath to shape molten glass into an urn.

Glassblowers heat glass in furnaces that reach temperatures between 2000 degrees and 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Molten glass is placed on the end of a pre-heated long metal tube called a blowpipe in a furnace. Molten glass moves like honey, thick and viscous. Once the glass is heated, it is shaped on a steel table with a technique called marvering. Next, after the outer layer of glass has cooled, air is blown into the molten glass through the blowpipe. This process creates a hollow center in the glass, like a bubble. Next, the glass piece is moved to a metal rod called a punty for its final shaping and transfer into the cooling chamber.

How are Glass Urns Different from Other Urns?

Glass urns differ from other urns in their material and how they are made. Glass is uniquely different from other materials like metal and wood. Glass completely changes form when it is shaped, making it far more malleable than other materials. Glass is seamless, able to melt into itself to form a smooth shape. Other materials show the joins and seams used in their making.

And, where metal and wood urns are assembled, glass urns are created. Glass offers many more aesthetic options than other materials. Glass can be textured, either subtly or prominently, in a way that looks organic. Colors rise up from deep within the glass, adding beauty to its deepest layer. Glass is simply the most beautiful urn material.

Why Choose a Glass Urn?

Many people choose glass urns as a final resting place for their loved ones. Some of the advantages of choosing a glass urn for your departed beloved’s remains are:

  • Glass urns are unique.

Unlike mass-produced urns, glass urns are made individually, one by one. While a glassmaker might create many similar glass urns, each one will be slightly different. Your deceased loved one was a unique person. Many people find the idea of a special urn fitting for their one-of-a-kind loved one.

  • Glass urns are works of art.

This is one of the most extraordinary things about glass urns. A glass urn is a stunning work of art. It can be comforting to use a beautiful item to house the remains of your departed loved one. Using a stunning, unique piece of art as an urn is a lovely and meaningful way to honor and memorialize your departed loved one. Instead of simply taking up space, your glass urn will hold its own in your home décor and make a unique addition. Any work of art is a discussion starter, and your stunning glass urn will bring your departed beloved into daily conversation.

  • Glass urns and keepsakes are customizable.

glass keepsakes ashes

You can choose a glass urn made with your loved one’s favorite colors and in a style that suits their personality. Many modern urns are plain, but glass urns are eye-catching in their beauty. And they come in many different types, so you’ll be able to find one that would please your deceased beloved.

Another way that glass urns are customizable is with the use of cremation glass. What is cremation glass? This unique glass is made like regular blown glass, but cremation ash is added to the molten glass and can be formed into glass orbs, glass hearts, and glass touchstones, among many other shapes. The glass incorporates the cremation ash, so the ash is beautifully suspended. Glass blowing takes place at a much higher temperature than cremation, so your loved one’s cremation ash is further refined in the glass blowing fire. This changes their ash’s color from dusty grey to a brilliant white color.

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