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cremation glass art

What is Cremation Glass Art?

Cremation glass art is glass art made from cremation glass. It incorporates a person or pet’s ashes from a cremation into the glass itself. Cremation glass is an excellent way to memorialize a passed loved one. Blown glass uses such a small amount of cremation ash, so it’s easy to make many different pieces for a large group of people, like family and close friends. Since cremation uses a lower temperature than that of traditional glass blowing, excess carbon is burned away from the cremation ash, leaving it a brilliant white color. This beautiful ash is artfully mixed into cremation glass. Glass blowers use the ash the same way they would use other colors or ornaments in glass; it just happens to be cremation ash. People often make memory glass keepsakes, and also scatter, bury, or display the rest of the ashes (you could even do all three, which is part of why so many more people are choosing cremation). In this article, we’ll be discussing different types of cremation glass art. 

Glass Cremation Jewelry

cremation glass art

Blown memory glass jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles. This glass is made with cremation ash. It is infused into the molten glass, adding brilliant white color and inner texture to the glass. This ash is used as part of the design, and to enhance other decorative elements within the glass. Memory glass can be made into any kind of jewelry. Pendants, rings, and earrings are all popular kinds of cremation jewelry. Many of the same techniques, like infusing glass into beads, is used across jewelry types.

Cremation Glass Orbs

These are one of the most popular forms of cremation glass art. The orb, or sphere, can symbolize many things. Its round, globe shape reminds us of the earth we came from and return to when we pass. Orbs can also be used to symbolize the infinite cycle of life. Cremation glass orbs are beautiful blown glass spheres with cremation ash incorporated into their designs. You can have your orb adorned with sparkly swirls of any color. Some orbs feature realistically rendered flowers, which can add to their symbolism if you choose your departed loved one’s favorite flower. Sometimes you’ll find shapes like animals or angel wings in cremation glass orbs. These are very versatile pieces and can be used as a paperweight, or in a garden, or placed by a sunny window. A cremation glass orb is also an excellent piece to add to any home altar or place of remembrance. 

Cremation Glass Paperweights

Cremation glass paperweights are a wonderful way to use cremation glass and bring it into the home for daily viewing and use. Paperweights are eternally useful, and since they serve a practical purpose, it might be as if your loved one is there with you, helping you out. These are durable pieces, and if handled carefully will last for generations. Cremation glass paperweights are commonly found as orbs but also come in many different shapes and sizes. A flame shape is often seen and represents the eternal flame of the soul. Animal shapes such as sleeping cats, birds, or even turtles can be found. Heart-shaped glass paperweights often have their own category due to their popularity. Of course, the classic paperweight shape is available as a flat, colorful circle. 

Cremation Glass Hearts

Another popular way to bring blown memory glass into your day-to-day life is with a cremation glass heart. These are some of the more popular memory glass designs, and it’s no wonder why. Hearts symbolize love, and that’s why you’re looking into cremation glass art—because of the love you have for someone who has passed. Create a visible symbol of how you hold and cherish the memory of the one who passed deep within your heart. The memory glass heart will contain a little bit of the person you loved and will allow you to see that part of them regularly. Hearts come in almost any color or color combination you can imagine. 

Glass Keepsake Urn

One of the most beautiful ways to memorialize your departed loved one is to make and use a memory glass urn. Urns are a popular, yet classic way to honor someone who has died. Instead of a distant burial ground, their remains are laid to rest in the home of a family member. There they can be remembered lovingly and fondly. Many people find having display urns, with a tangible part of their loved one, to be comforting. Keepsake urns are small urns made to hold a tiny portion of the cremation ash. This way, many people can share in the comfort of having a display urn. Also, keepsake urns are easier to display than full-sized urns. With their small size, they’ll fit seamlessly into any décor. Cremation glass keepsake urns allow you to see the ash every time you look at the urn, which is an added benefit compared to a traditional urn. The ash will be decoratively worked into the glass, making it easy to see and appreciate. 

Other Keepsakes to Consider

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