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Bio Urn & Planting System: What Is It?  How Does It Work?

Bio Urn & Planting System: What Is It? How Does It Work?

The Living Urn’s patent pending bio urn and planting system is quickly gaining in popularity throughout the U.S. and worldwide as an alternative to traditional burial and as an uplifting afterlife tree burial option that honors a loved one and gives back to nature.  Word has been spreading fast by customers as well as by funeral homes, tree nurseries, non-profits and other affiliates. As more and more people learn about The Living Urn, which is still a relatively new concept for many, we wanted to take the time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from families interested in our product:

What is The Living Urn BioUrn® and Planting System?

The Living Urn is a patent pending BioUrn® and planting system that includes everything a family needs to grow a beautiful and enduring tree memorial from our urn containing a loved one’s ashes. Here’s what’s included:

  • Our proprietary biodegradable urn that is made from recycled plant materials in a process that uses only water and pressure and absolutely no glues or chemicals.
  • RootProtect®, an all-natural, proprietary additive that serves to balance out the effects of the cremated remains on the growing environment.
  • Aged wood chips to serve as a mulch
  • Clear and easy to follow planting instructions
  • All of which comes packaged in our beautiful, eco-friendly hand-made bamboo cylinder
  • A young, premium tree of choice, ranging in size from 1 to 4 feet (size depends on type of tree and time of year) with a strong root system from our award winning nursery. We offer approximately 20 different tree and shrub options for your area, based on your zip code, to ensure that families plant trees that are well suited for their specific geographic region.  Families can also elect to purchase The Living Urn System Only and simply visit their local nursery to pick up a small tree, plant or flowers to plant with The Living Urn.

How Does it Work?

While The Living Urn is complex in its design, it’s simple and easy to use. Every system comes with simple yet detailed step-by-step instructions.  In addition, our Denver-based customer service team is available by phone to walk families through the process or answer any questions that may arise. 

Simply dig a hole about a foot deep, then place the urn in the ground. Place a loved one’s cremated remains at the bottom of the bio urn, then pour our special additive, RootProtect, on top. Next, place the young tree in the top half of the urn and place the soil dug up from the ground around the tree. Water the newly planted tree thoroughly and place the wood chips, or mulch, provided around the tree. Next, enjoy the beauty such a living memorial provides in all four seasons!

What Makes The Living Urn System Unique?

  • The Living Urn is the ONLY biodegradable urn in the world that is specifically designed to be planted with a living tree and NOT seeds. Having success growing a healthy tree from a seed can be a challenge.  For this reason, we only use living young trees with our system. We want to do everything we can to make it easy for families to grow an enduring memory tree and for all our customers to have a wonderful, uplifting experience.  With The Living Urn, everything from shape, to design, to materials, to additives and even the types of trees we offer have been considered.
  • The Living Urn is the only all-in-one system in the world that comes with everything a family needs to grow a tree memorial. This includes RootProtect®, a soil additive that makes the growing environment containing cremated remains suitable for tree growth as well as a healthy young tree of choice suitable for your geographic area
  • We provide each family with a handmade bamboo urn case that serves as eco-friendly packaging and makes a beautiful presentation for planting ceremonies
  • We are based here in the U.S. and stand behind our biotree urn product. We have hundreds of great reviews and testimonials on our website and social media. Families love the product and our customer service. Our goal is that each and every customer can enjoy the beauty of a loved one’s tree memorial and keep their memory present for years to come!

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