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scattering ashes at sea

Cremation and Scattering Ashes - Alternative End of Life Memorials Rise in Popularity

Funerals have been around in one form or another from the beginning of mankind. It's a sad and inevitable truth that everyone will pass someday - this means a vast majority of people, or their families, will eventually have to make funeral arrangements. People are increasingly choosing cremation and non-traditional funerals and memorials.

A Growing Interest in Cremation

cremation and ash scattering

Cremation is surging in popularity in the U.S. and worldwide. One of the major reasons for this is the flexibility it provides for family and friends to hold a memorial service when they are ready, whereas traditional funerals and burials typically follow shortly after death. Many consider cremation to be more environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t include the use of harmful embalming chemicals and doesn’t put a ton of wood or steel in the ground. Additionally, there is a lot more personalization that is available with a person’s ashes. They can be scattered according to specific wishes, kept in an urn, used in burial, or transformed into a unique memorial such as made into a tree.

Religious acceptance has also been a significant driver of the rise in cremation. Over the last 40 years changing demographics and attributes to religion are popularizing the cremation trend. The average cost of cremation is also much lower than traditional burials, making it more accessible for people. In the United States a cremation costs as little as $495 in Seattle and on the high end costs $7,595 in Washington DC.

Cremation in the U.S. didn’t start taking off until the past few decades. In 1999, 25% of all people who passed in the United States were cremated. By 2009 that percentage was up to 37% and now it’s over 60%. Cremation and related memorial products, services and ideas are spread and shared quicker than they ever have in history. This has led to the growth of alternative and unique concepts which can better fit a person’s individual preferences. 

New Age Memorials with a Person's Ashes

memorials with ashes

Today there are numerous ways people are choosing to celebrate the life of a loved one. A memorial could be based around what the deceased liked to do – for example a family might take a long bike trip or have a big golf outing. People have even taken it to the extremes and will do skiing, white water rafting, or mountaineering events to honor a departed family member who had an adventurous spirit. 

A beautiful place to have a ceremony is in our stunning National Parks. Places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and the Redwoods offer breathtaking and once in a lifetime views that surely make for a memorable experience. Only one company, Ecorial Ash Scattering Services, offers guided memorials at many of these places. 

Ash Scattering Services

ashes scattering services

If you’re interested in scattering ashes of a loved one, Ecorial Scattering Services can help organize the transportation of ashes, obtain any necessary permits, and help you design a personal and customized ceremony. Trained staff facilitate the event and will capture and commemorate the experience with photos and videography. Some of the most stunning video ceremonies are recorded from a drone which give a panoramic view and better embody the journey taking place.

Unaccompanied Ash Scattering

Due to health, age, or other reasons, it can be a challenge for many to be physically present to scatter the ashes of a loved one at a special location. During the current pandemic, this can be even more challenging. Ecorial Scattering Services provides an unaccompanied service where their trained professional will transport a loved one’s ashes to a desired location and perform the scattering in a dignified way. Special requests can be made so that the memorial is both personal and unique, including reading a poem, religious verse, or special saying during the event. The memorial is performed with an eco-friendly scattering urn of choice and can be on a date of one’s choosing. Additionally, a certificate of scattering, plus photos and video of the scattering are provided. Then an official permanent recording of the scattering including exact GPS coordinates with date and time stamp is created on the Ecorial App and available to share with family and friends.

Accompanied Ash Scattering

Many people prefer to participate in the scattering of a loved one at a place or multiple places that are special to them. Ecorial also provides this option and can help obtain all of the necessary permits and guides you through the entire process. If you prefer to scatter in the ocean, Ecorial’s staff can take you out on a boat where you can perform the scattering event. If on land, Ecorial’s staff can guide you to that special spot. As with the unaccompanied scattering service, the accompanied scattering is performed with an eco-friendly scattering urn of your choosing, and a certificate of scattering and photos and video of the event are provided. In addition, a permanent recording is done on the Ecorial app with the exact GPS coordinates and time and date of your loved one’s memorial event. Photos and video are also taken of the special event and uploaded to an online memorial.

Popular Locations to Scatter Ashes

popular locations ash scattering

There are many places where people choose to scatter a loved one's ashes. This includes beautiful national and state parks throughout the U.S., a favorite vacation destination, at home in the yard, in a scattering garden, or in the ocean, among many other options. Below we highlight some of the most popular places where people scatter ashes of a loved one.

Pacific Ocean

california ash scattering

One popular location for a loved one’s ashes final destination is the Pacific Ocean, the largest and deepest ocean on earth. With the vast pacific coastline in the U.S., many locations offer majestic and memorable spots to celebrate and commemorate life. These include iconic Californian beaches and harbors, such as Newport Beach and San Francisco, as well as stunning places in and around Seattle, Washington. Additionally, Hawaii is a tropical destination where many families have shared memories and can go to have a beautiful experience.

Atlantic Ocean

scattering ashes new york

As the second largest ocean on earth, the Atlantic Ocean serves as a great final memorial destination. With miles of available locations spanning across the east coast from Maine to Florida, many choose the Atlantic as the final place of celebration and commemoration. North Carolina’s Outer Banks and off the coast of New York City offer serene resting places as well as numerous locations along Florida’s coastline, including Tampa and Key West.

Destination Ash Scattering

destination ash scattering

Are you or a loved one interested in having your ashes scattered on a glacier in Alaska, on top of a mountain peak, at a tropical vacation destination, or at another special place? Ecorial also provides customizable destination ash scattering options catered to any final wishes to celebrate and commemorate a loved one. With the ability to be completed in virtually endless locations in the U.S. and abroad, a highly dignified and memorable commemorative experience can be created upon request.

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