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Examples of Cremation Jewelry for Men

What is cremation jewelry, and how do you buy cremation jewelry for men? Cremation jewelry for men is made in more traditionally masculine or neutral styles. Cremation jewelry is a way to show honor and respect for someone you love who has passed on. These special pieces of jewelry represent a beloved person who passed and whose memory you want to memorialize.

Cremation jewelry helps you do this by reminding you of your departed loved one and showing others your love and care for them. Some cremation jewelry has a small space you can fill with cremation ashes, earth, or water. Another type is made with the image of your loved one’s fingerprint. Still, others are engraved with details about your loved one, such as their name, dates of birth and passing, or the coordinates of their final resting place. Use this guide to find or gift the right piece of cremation jewelry for men. 

How to Choose Cremation Jewelry for Men

  • Consider your style. Every man has their taste and style preference, and it’s essential to consider your preferences when selecting a piece of cremation jewelry. While there are many masculine styles available, there are also a lot of neutral style options as well.
  • How will you be using it? Cremation jewelry is typically worn or displayed. The style matters less if this is a display piece, which may give you more options. But, if this is going to be worn, consider your style.
  • Another consideration is the material. More delicate metals like gold may be better off as display pieces. Sterling silver is more durable than gold but still needs care when worn. Stainless steel is a beautiful yet highly durable metal for cremation jewelry. While unisex, stainless steel often feels like a more masculine metal.
  • Are you or the one you’re buying for a person of faith? This will inform styles, such as a cross and any engraved sentiments. Verses from their spiritual texts would be appropriate. Or, is the person who passed religious? This would also make shapes like crosses and spiritual sentiments meaningful.
  • What kind of cremation jewelry are you thinking about? Some types of cremation jewelry are made to hold ashes. Others require a digital image of a fingerprint. If you’re gifting this piece of cremation jewelry, simply asking the person you’re buying for is enough to determine if they want to handle cremation ashes. Otherwise, use your best judgment when deciding. The safest option for gifted cremation jewelry is likely an engraved piece.
  • Choose a high-quality piece of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry must be well-made with high-quality materials. Not only is it a unique piece of jewelry, but its sentimental value makes it priceless. Cremation jewelry is meant to last lifetimes as a testament to a beautiful soul, so quality is important.
  • Remember, you can wear your cremation jewelry publicly or under your shirt. Either way, it is a reflection of your love for the person who passed.

Where to Buy Cremation Jewelry for Men

We make fine cremation jewelry at reasonable prices here at the Living Urn. With pieces made from stainless steel and sterling silver, there is something for every taste. Here are some of our best options for men. 

Cross Fingerprint Necklace

Our cross fingerprint necklace is made from fine sterling silver. While sterling silver requires care, this necklace is durable for everyday wear. Silver loves to be worn and will remain bright with minimum polishing. Honor your departed loved one by wearing their fingerprint close to your heart. Your loved one’s fingerprint is unique and one of a kind—it truly represents their specialness. And this unique cross pendant is perfect to represent the faith your loved one had and your own.  Check out this article on how to find your loved one’s fingerprint.

Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant

Made from attractive but highly durable stainless steel, this military-style dog tag pendant holds the exact coordinates of your loved one’s resting place. If you’re looking for a piece to wear every day, this is an excellent choice due to its style and material. While it’s best to take this off before showering, swimming, or exercising, if you forget occasionally, this sturdy piece will be none the worse for wear. This would be an especially appropriate piece of cremation jewelry if your loved one were a member of the armed forces. 

Custom Cremation Pendant Vial

This customizable cremation pendant vial is made of tough yet mirror-bright stainless steel. Designed to hold a small amount of cremation ashes, hair, or water (or earth) from the ash scattering site, this small tube securely holds a glass vial for storage. Engraved with the name of your loved one and the dates of their birth and passing, you can add the coordinates of their resting place or a short sentiment. Ideal for everyday use, this pendant can be used as a keychain or worn on a necklace. 

The Living Urn, America’s leading provider of tree urns, is proud to offer fine, hand-crafted cremation jewelry for men.
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