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Types and Costs of Fingerprint and Cremation Jewelry

Types and Costs of Fingerprint and Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a popular and meaningful way to remember and honor a departed loved one. There are many types of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry ranges from pieces like fingerprint jewelry to miniature urns holding cremation ash to jewelry made with a small portion of cremation ash. Whether you choose a thumbprint necklace or a cremation glass ring, your piece of cremation jewelry can help you feel closer to the beautiful person you’ve lost. However, grief doesn’t move aside practicalities; you may be wondering how much cremation jewelry costs and “Does it cost to get my deceased loved one’s fingerprint?”. Please keep reading to get answers to these questions about cremation jewelry. 

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How Much Do Fingerprint Pendants Cost?

Before we talk about fingerprint jewelry costs, let’s talk about how to get your loved one’s fingerprint; if you’re wondering, “Does it cost to get my deceased loved one’s fingerprint?”. The short answer is no, probably not. The most common place to get your departed loved one’s fingerprint is from a funeral home. They’re likely used to requests like this and will provide your deceased loved one’s fingerprints free of charge. Other places you might get your loved one’s fingerprints, like from their job if they’re a teacher, nurse, or in law enforcement, won’t charge you either. You may need to pay for postage at most, but you can likely get a digital copy in many cases. For more information about how to find your deceased loved one’s fingerprints for fingerprint jewelry, please read this article

Fingerprint jewelry is made with the image of your loved one’s finger or thumbprint. Thumbprints are commonly used since they are larger than other fingers and may be a more precise image. Jewelers use a laser to etch the fingerprint design onto metal jewelry or the lost wax casting method. The lost wax casting method uses a wax model of the fingerprint to create a mold. Molten metal is then poured into this mold, creating an image of your loved one’s fingerprint. Many jewelers find that the lost wax process creates superior jewelry. Because of the skill required to cast a fingerprint in metal, expect quality fingerprint jewelry to be between $150-$250 per piece.

Fingerprint pendants are standard pieces of cremation jewelry usually worn close to the heart. Fingerprint pendants can come in masculine, feminine, and unisex styles, giving them universal appeal. Here at the Living Urn, we offer sterling silver My Living Touch fingerprint pendants in five styles:

  1. Oval Pendant $229.00
  2. Teardrop Pendant $239.00
  3. Heart Pendant $229.00
  4. Cross Pendant $229.00
  5. Memory Tag Pendant $149.00

How Much Do Fingerprint Rings Cost?

You can find fingerprint rings ranging from about $100 to closer to $1,000. Most pieces will range from $100 to $300. The type of metal being used primarily determines the price. Rings made from stainless steel or another more common metal will cost the least. Sterling silver or metal like tungsten will cost more, with gold being the most expensive. Size is also a factor in price, so a ring for a person with larger hands will likely cost more than a smaller ring, etc. 

How Much Do Cremation Pendants Cost?

Another popular style of cremation jewelry is a pendant designed to hold a tiny portion of your loved one’s cremation ashes. Since a cremation pendant is a type of urn, you can keep a part of your loved one close to your heart every day. You only need to reserve a small amount of ash for this kind of necklace, even if you are filling multiples for other family and friends. An easy-to-use collection kit is included with these pendants. They will range from $50 to $300, depending on the metal used. 

Here at the Living Urn, we offer two cremation pendant styles, the unisex customizable stainless steel cremation pendant and a Tree of Life pendant in sterling silver. 

  1. Custom cremation pendant in stainless steel $49.00
  2. Tree of Life cremation pendant in sterling silver $95.00

How Much Do Cremation Glass Pendants Cost?

Cremation glass is hand-blown glass jewelry made with a small amount of cremation ash. The brilliant white ash is artfully incorporated into the piece, so it’s visible within the glass. How does dull, gray cremation ash become white? The answer is heat. Cremation takes place at a much lower temperature than glass blowing. Glass kilns can reach temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which burns away excess carbon in the ash, leaving it a vivid shade of white. 

Cremation glass pendants are very popular pieces of cremation jewelry and can be found in many shapes, styles, and colors. Because each one is a custom piece, they range in price from around $80-$120. 

How Much Do Cremation Glass Beads Cost?

Glass cremation beads range in price from $25-$300 if you want precious metal additions. Beads are a popular and versatile piece of cremation jewelry. They range in size, color, and style. Since they are handmade with your loved one’s cremation ash, they are easy to customize. Beads can be worn on necklaces or bracelets. You can wear as many beads as you like. 

Whatever style of cremation jewelry you decide to invest in will be the right kind for you. Join millions of people who use cremation jewelry to honor and remember their departed loved ones. To shop cremation pendants now, please click here.
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