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Cremation jewelry

Cremation Jewelry to Honor a Loved One

Wear a beautiful memorial to your departed loved one with fine cremation jewelry from the Living Urn. 

Types of Cremation Jewelry

These fine jewelry pieces are wearable urns, so you can have a part of your loved one close at hand when you want.

jewelry that holds ashes

Our stunning, sterling silver fingerprint pendants honor the unique person your loved one was and is in your heart.

fingerprint jewelry

  • Personalized Cremation Jewelry

Make your cremation jewelry your own with customizable engravings. Use your beloved’s name, dates of birth and death, or the coordinates of their resting place. 

personalized cremation jewelry

Selecting The Best Jewelry Option For You

  • Consider durability. Will you be wearing this every day, or will this be a display piece? All of our cremation jewelry can be worn daily, with proper care, such as removing it before showering or swimming. However, our stainless steel coordinates pendant or dog tags make excellent choices for daily wear.
  • Consider the type. Do you want to use cremation ashes? Or would you prefer engraved cremation jewelry?
  • Consider your price point. Stainless steel is more affordable than sterling silver, for example. We have a range of sterling silver pieces, ranging in price from just under a hundred to over two hundred. 

Why Choose The Living Urn For Your Cremation Jewelry?

cremation jewelry inspiration

  • Our Inspiration

We strive to bring comfort to those in mourning. Our inspiration comes from our own losses and seeing how powerful a memorial can be for those who are grieving. Creating our own line of cremation jewelry was the next natural step after seeing the incredible impact of our Living Urns. 

  • Our Process

We use fine lasers to engrave all of our cremation jewelry. And our jewelry with images is made with the lost wax casting method. We strive to make the highest quality jewelry for our valued customers.

  • Handcrafted in Denver

Much of our fine cremation jewelry is made by hand in Denver, Colorado. Our artisans are experienced and have the expertise to make each piece of hand-crafted jewelry flawless. 


  • How much does cremation jewelry cost?

Our high-quality cremation jewelry ranges from $49.00 to $229.00. (Plus, we often offer discounts!) Our company mission is to provide high-quality goods at affordable prices. Losing a loved one is difficult enough without facing extra costs. The price of your cremation jewelry will reflect its materials and level of craftsmanship. 

  • How do you fill your cremation jewelry?

While filling your cremation jewelry is a simple process, taking time and care is a good idea. Try to do this alone so you aren’t distracted. Place a large soft cloth down on a clean counter or table. Lay out your fill kit, cremation jewelry, and the container of ashes. Gather anything else you need, such as a spoon or gloves. (Gloves might make you feel more comfortable, but they aren’t necessary; cremation ashes are entirely harmless.) Open the cremation jewelry and use the kit to fill it with ashes. Seal the jewelry tightly and use a clean cloth to brush any ashes away. Reseal the container of ashes and place the cloth in the washing machine. Clean the counter or table. For more information, here is a complete guide to filling your cremation jewelry.

  • How does fingerprint jewelry work?

Fingerprint jewelry is fantastic cremation jewelry for those who want a unique memorial for their loved one but don’t want to wear or handle cremation ashes. These stunning pieces of jewelry may present a challenge when it comes to finding a copy of your loved one’s fingerprint. Here are a few places you may be able to find them:

    • From the funeral home.
    • From personal records.
    • From their place of employment.
    • From their bank.
    • From their driver’s license.
    • From a notary public. 

For more information, please check out this guide to finding your loved one’s fingerprints. 

  • Where can I buy cremation jewelry?

You can buy high-quality, beautiful cremation jewelry online from the Living Urn. With our streamlined processes, you can be wearing your personalized piece of cremation jewelry in a couple of weeks. We are deeply sorry for your loss and look forward to serving you.

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