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Popular Cremation Jewelry & Types

Popular Cremation Jewelry & Types

There is no one-size-fits-all memorial when it comes to cremation. People cope with grief in their own way and on their own timeline – just know it’s okay to find your own unique path forward. One way to honor a loved one that’s growing in popularity is with cremation jewelry

cremation jewelry

In this guide, we’ll provide a list of some of the most popular cremation jewelry types for 2023. No matter who you’re honoring, whether it’s a beloved family member, pet, or relationship, you can now keep what’s important to you closer than ever. 

Why Cremation Jewelry? 

The term ‘cremation jewelry’ encompasses many types of jewelry pieces - from sparkling diamonds to fingerprint jewelry to personalized engravings… Cremation jewelry also comes in many styles and budgets – something for everyone!

  1. Traditional Cremation Jewelery: The Stainless Steel Vial Urn

One of the most commonly recognized pieces of cremation jewelry is the traditional vial urn. This is literally a pendant in the shape of a cylindrical vial that has a secure interior for keeping someone’s ashes or other mementos. It can be placed on a chain and worn as a necklace or placed on a keyring. The outer vial can be engraved with a name, dates, a sentiment, coordinates, etc.  This has been gaining in popularity for the past few years and we expect it will continue in 2023.  Also, starting at $49, this is an affordable option for most families.

  1. Fingerprint Jewelry Cremation Jewelry with Fingerprints

A pendant with your loved one’s fingerprint can be an extremely meaningful jewelry piece to wear or keep in a special place. With better technology available now than in prior years, the fingerprint is more of an exact replica that can be “felt”. These come in many different shapes and configurations, including a heart, oval, teardrop, cross and dog tag and are typically a higher quality piece made from sterling silver.

Many people wonder how they can get the fingerprint of a loved one who passed. Surprisingly, there are actually many ways you can potentially do this – see guide to getting a fingerprint for jewelry to learn more.

  1. Tree of Life Cremation Necklace

Another cremation jewelry design that’s growing in popularity is the Tree of Life Pendant. These come in sterling silver or stainless steel (with bronze or silver plating) at various price points. This tree of life is a beautiful representative piece that can include a small portion of your loved one’s ashes and be worn with pride!

  1. Unique Birthstone Pendants for Cremation Necklaces

Wearing the birthstone of one or more of your loved ones is a beautiful way to honor them. These types of pendants are readily available online or at your local funeral home. With some, you can include a small portion of your loved one’s ashes, and others you cannot and simply display the beautiful color of the birthstone. While other options include birthstones that are included inside the design of a pendant.

  1. Scattering Ashes Coordinate Pendants for Cremation Jewelry

With people now being cremated and families memorilizing them with a scattering or burial in nature, coordinate pendants are becoming more and more popular.  These unique pieces include the coordinates of where your loved one's memorial site is located - a reminder so you can return to the exact spot anytime you wish. To get the exact coordinates, simply download our free app, Ecorial, and follow the step-by-step instructions provided!

Remembering and Honoring a Loved One with Jewelry

honoring a loved one with cremation jewelry

In addition to the trending options listed above, there are many more cremation jewelry types available on the market today.  These pieces make for a powerful tribute and a beautiful reminder of a loved one. Having a wearable memorial piece to honor them can help many people feel a sense of closeness to their loved one, no matter how recent or long ago someone passed.

Whether you decide on a cremation pendant, fingerprint jewelry piece, or other option, know that there is no wrong choice. This special cremation jewelry piece will make for a beautiful and powerful way to honor your loved one (or pet) and carry special meaning with it.

Memorial Diamonds: Turning Ashes into Diamonds

If none of the above cremation jewelry pieces are of interest, another thing to consider is a memorial diamond - yes, it’s true – you can also turn your loved one’s ashes into a diamond! While this is one of the priciest options (at over $8,000-$12,000), it has also gained a good amount of interest over the past few years. The finished diamond can be placed in a favorite setting - from rings to necklaces! These are a great way to remember a loved one and most diamond companies offer payment plans.

How to Choose Cremation Jewelry

cremation jewelry

When selecting a piece of cremation jewelry for yourself, family member, or friend, here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Material: Some people prefer sterling silver while others prefer gold or stainless steel – take this into consideration when ordering a piece.
  • Wearable: Is this something meant to be worn or kept in a special place? If worn, is it an everyday piece or just for special occasions?  These should all be taken into account. Material: Some people prefer sterling silver while others prefer gold or stainless steel – take this into consideration when ordering a piece.
  • Durability: Getting something that is high quality and can last is a must! Check out online reviews or ask around prior to purchasing.
  • Discrete: How discrete do you (or they) prefer this to be?  A vial urn might be more obvious and gather a good amount of attention, while a ring or other pendant may not. Consider whether you’re open to people asking you about the jewelry and its meaning to you.

One of the best ways to find a memorial or keepsake (including cremation jewelry) is to go with your gut feeling – this is a personal choice that isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision.

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