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Finding the Right Cremation Jewelry for Each Stage of Grief

The grief process can lead the bereaved through an assortment of emotions, typically referred to as the five stages of grief. Developed by psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Although they may be common stages many people experience after suffering a loss, not everyone goes through each stage or each stage in a particular order. Because each person and loss is unique, so is the grief process. Please know there is no wrong way to feel about your loss. No matter what stage of grief you may be experiencing, how you ultimately choose to honor your grief with cremation jewelry is entirely up to you. Together, let’s explore some beautiful cremation jewelry options for grieving that can offer you the best comfort and support for your current stage of grief.

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Denial: Birthstone Pendant

Losing a loved one can become such a shock that it may not seem real. An unfamiliar void has entered our hearts, and the absence of someone so important in our lives defies logic. As the mind tries to adjust to the overwhelming experience of loss, one of the first reactions is to deny that the death has even happened. This reaction is a defense mechanism to help us slow down and process the pain of grief.

As you reflect on your departed loved one, choosing cremation jewelry that will complement the vibrancy of their life may be helpful. For a person experiencing denial, a subtle piece such as a Birthstone Pendant can offer great solace. Wearing your loved one’s birthstone reflects the beautiful qualities they brought to your life. The radiance of the birthstone can bring remarkable beauty into your day without betraying your experience of loss. No one will know you are wearing cremation jewelry and it can serve as a beautiful representation of your loved one.

Anger: Teardrop Pendant

As the reality of loss begins to take hold, it is perfectly normal to experience the second stage of grief: anger. Absorbing the pain of loss can create a need to release much emotional discomfort. Anger tends to be one of the first emotions we feel as we begin to let out our emotions. Many anger-fueled questions may fill the mind: Why did they have to die? How am I supposed to move on? Why do I deserve this?

Your expression of cremation jewelry may reflect the overwhelming emotion and discomfort you feel. Unlike denial, the best remembrance piece for anger may be one that boldly announces your loss. A Teardrop Pendant complements this stage of grief in a few special ways. The teardrop itself is a statement of sorrow and loss. The personalized touch to the Teardrop Pendant makes those around you aware of your loss. The pendant may inspire conversation, which can benefit those facing the second stage of grief.

Bargaining: Cross Fingerprint Pendant

When there is nowhere else to turn to, the bereaved may find themselves appealing to the highest authority they can think of, such as God. Offering pleas and promises to a higher power is a clear sign that a person is experiencing the bargaining stage of grief. The grief-stricken often bargain out of feelings of helplessness. It gives a sense of control over a loss that can’t be changed. Hoping to bring about a different outcome, the bereaved may make declarations such as:

  • “I’ll give anything to have them back.”
  • “I promise to be better if they can live again.”
  • “God, I’ll go to church daily for the rest of my life if you take this pain away.”

In times of great despair and powerlessness, leaning into a more religious tone for your cremation jewelry may offer a soothing balm. The Cross Fingerprint Pendant is an exquisite piece of jewelry that allows the wearer to take solace in Christian values. By adding your loved one’s fingerprint to the center of the cross, the bereaved may find comfort in knowing their departed loved one is at eternal peace.

Depression: Custom Cremation Vial Pendant

Reality becomes clearer as the bereaved moves away from denial, anger, and bargaining. In many cases, our emotional systems are completely exhausted. All that is left is the unavoidable present. With the stage of depression, this inescapable new world can cause the bereaved to turn inward as sadness begins to take hold. Even though this is a natural grief process, depression can be one of the more challenging stages.

Holding onto our departed loved ones as tightly as possible may offer a source of strength during this isolating and debilitating stage. The Custom Cremation Vial Pendant allows the wearer to add several personal customizations to honor your departed loved one. From a small portion of your loved one’s ashes to soil from the burial site or soil or water from the scattering site, you can always choose the most meaningful elements to carry with you. Adding a personal sentiment and special coordinates enhances your connection with your loved one.

Acceptance: Cuff Bracelet

Although the pain of losing a loved one never fully disappears, reaching acceptance can be a cathartic final stage for those experiencing grief. In some instances, the most challenging aspects of the grief process are behind them. While the bereaved are left forever changed, the sky clears, and a new normal sets in. Resistance to the loss has disappeared, and the bereaved can begin to find a new life moving forward.

For those in a state of acceptance, cremation jewelry that holds ashes, such as the Cuff Bracelet, can be a fitting way to keep your loved one in remembrance. Offering elegance and style in gold, black, or silver, the Cuff Cremation Bracelet can hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. This subtle, fashionable, and meaningful piece can accentuate several outfits for all occasions. Providing flexibility, the Cuff Bracelet can be a vibrant reminder of your loved one. It also presents a unique opportunity to tell interested people about your beautiful remembrance jewelry and their vibrant life.

No matter what stage of grief you may be experiencing, The Living Urn is here to offer the finest handcrafted cremation jewelry available for the everlasting remembrance of your loved one.

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