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5 Great Things To Do With Family and Friends During the Fall Season!

5 Great Things To Do With Family and Friends During the Fall Season!

As Summer turns to Autumn and the leaves begin to fall the activities we participate in change with it. The nights are colder and the winds begin to chill as the sun’s rays become less powerful.

Despite the changes occurring in the weather that may have us locked indoors sipping on hot cocoa, there are still many things we can do to enjoy the times we have with our friends and family. Here are five great things to do in the fall.


The Summer activities are behind you and you are trying to find an activity you can do with your children. You think back to your childhood and scour your brain for memories. It occurs to you that you can get crafty and teach your kids something too. Making a pinecone bird feeder is a nostalgic moment that pops up in many memories of childhood. This fall activity occurred at school or at family gatherings. It is a great time to enjoy conversation with your little ones and a time to learn together.

If you are babysitting the neighbor's children or are stuck at home with your younger sibling creating pinecone bird feeders is a great way to liven things up. It is a rather calm activity so you don’t have to worry too much about chasing kids around but it allows you to engage their imaginations, create conversations and learn a thing or two. A great nighttime activity as you sit at the kitchen table or an enjoyable moment at the crafts table for a teacher. So why not create a pinecone bird feeder for our feathered friends?


Some of the greatest memories of childhood are of the simplest things. We don’t realize at the time how truly great those moments are until we are older and looking back. If you live in a place where the leaves cover the ground in the fall and are looking for something fun to do with your children or grandchildren, with the kids you babysit, or if you just want to relive the laughter of your childhood grab a rake and create a large pile of leaves. When every leaf has been gathered into gigantic pile, run and jump. It seems silly but there is something freeing about that moment you jump into foliage. The crunch of the leaves beneath you and watching them fly as you jump into them. 

Some of the greatest memories are built on what you do with what is around you. That is why kids are so great and their imaginations are massive. As we become adults we lose a little of that magic. If you are looking to share something with your children that will make their imaginations run wild rake up some leaves and jump in the pile with them. It is something they will remember forever.


Fall is not only a great time to view the beautiful and vibrant orange, red, and yellow colors displayed by trees, it is also arguably one of the best times to plant trees.  The roots of a tree enjoy and thrive in the cool soil as it adapts to the environment before Winter sets in and prior to growing new leaves in the Spring!

Fall is also a great time to plant a memory tree of a lost loved one with The Living Urn bio urn and planting system. This unique urn and planting system comes with a tree of choice and everything you need to plant a grow a tree. Gather friends and family on a cool Fall day to hold a special tree planting ceremony and remember and honor a loved one!


There are so many delicious fall treats and I couldn’t pick just one so I thought about all of my favorite foods to eat and wonderful beverages when the crisp Autumn weather comes around. Baking and throwing together some delicious beverages is a perfect activity no matter your age, budget or the activity that follows. You can be a grandmother watching her grandchildren or a young woman at home with her friends. Sometimes you want to throw a party even if there isn’t an occasion or invite the girls over for a night in. Before everyone arrives, take some time for yourself and enjoy the wonderful smell of fall foods baking and cooking on the stove.

If you are preparing a delicious meal for the family or a house full of guests, chili is a great one to pull together. It perfect for cool weather, warming your body and filling your stomach. Prepare it with old family recipes or come up with one of your own. Bake an apple pie for dessert. The smell alone is enjoyable enough but the taste of warm apples paired with vanilla ice cream is the taste of Fall.

Other incredible treats are candy and caramel apples, apple cider, pumpkin pie or cookies. A night in with friends and the family paired with spooky music, burning candles, laughter and good food is a great way to bring life into Fall.


You can’t have a list of Fall activities and not mention pumpkins. How could you? Pumpkins are one of the many staples of Autumn and the Halloween season. As the holiday approaches you begin decorating your home. You bring out the faux spider webs and the spiced candles to create a warm and spooky feel- what comes next is the pumpkin. Sometimes you grab the small sized pumpkins to save space or decorate your classroom at school and you get the big ones to place on the porch. If you are looking to enjoy the activity with young children, painting a pumpkin is your best choice but if you want to showcase your carving skills and don’t mind getting a little dirty, carving the pumpkin is all for you.

After the sticky prep of pulling the pumpkin guts from the inside, you can clean the insides from the pumpkin, save seeds and bake them for a snack. Pumpkin seeds are a healthy option and can be prepared with different seasonings to create different flavors.

This annual adventure of pumpkin decorating and carving can be personal but if you are the competitive type you can showcase your skills into a competition. Don’t just show off your art to the neighborhood kids. Enter your pumpkin into a local contest and see what happens.

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