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Handmade Cremation Jewelry: How, Why, and Where to Buy

Handmade Cremation Jewelry: How, Why, and Where to Buy

Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences in life. In most cases, a loss comes unexpectedly without a roadmap to navigate the grief that comes with it. Moving forward without a departed loved one takes courage, strength, and support. Creating tangible touchstones, such as handmade cremation jewelry, can help to anchor the bereaved while connecting them to their loved ones in a unique and meaningful way.

Handmade Cremation Jewelry

What is Handmade Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry has many names, such as memorial jewelry, remembrance jewelry, and funeral jewelry. Handmade cremation jewelry is a special kind of jewelry that can hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes. Traditional handmade cremation jewelry allows people experiencing grief to create a personal, ever-lasting tribute to their loved one by customizing it in several special ways. From pendants to charms to vials and bracelets, grief-stricken individuals can find a form of handmade cremation jewelry that suits their tastes and styles.

Why Buy Handcrafted Cremation Jewelry

Creating high-quality, handcrafted jewelry requires skill, finesse, and expertise. At The Living Urn, our exclusive handmade jewelry collections are inspired by loved ones we’ve lost. Every piece is designed to provide those experiencing grief with a beautiful, memorable, and meaningful reminder of their departed loved one that can be cherished for years. With several collections, The Living Urn has a handcrafted cremation jewelry piece that’s right for you.

Adventure Collection: Jewelry that Holds Ashes

Living Urn’s exclusive Adventure collection provides high-quality, traditional cremation jewelry made of the finest materials and engraved by our industry-leading artists and jewelers. Each personalized piece is a beautiful reflection of your loved one’s uniqueness. Here are three exquisite examples:

Circle of Life Cremation Pendant

Made from 925 sterling silver, the Circle of Life Cremation Pendant is a circular pendant that can be filled with a small portion of ashes. Adding your loved one’s birthstone, such as January’s radiant red garnet, is a beautiful way to enhance your one-of-a-kind piece further.

Cuff Bracelet

The high-quality stainless steel Cuff Bracelet is an elegant way to enhance nearly any fashion choice, offered in gold, black, and silver. Tastefully discreet, it conceals a small amount of ashes while vibrantly celebrating the life of your departed loved one.

Teardrop Pendant

Whether you prefer rose gold or silver, the stainless steel Teardrop Cremation Pendant is a more pronounced choice for those looking to create a fashionable yet somber tone with their handcrafted cremation jewelry.

My Living Touch

While traditional cremation jewelry holds ashes, another special form of cremation jewelry is fingerprint jewelry. A copy of your loved one’s fingerprint is carefully engraved onto your chosen piece of cremation jewelry. With the My Living Touch collection, you’ll possess a personal, handcrafted cremation jewelry piece that will beautifully hold your loved one in eternal remembrance. Here are three sublime examples:

Cross Fingerprint Pendant

Handcrafted by our skilled artisan jewelers, the Cross Fingerprint Pendant holds your loved one’s fingerprint at the center of the cross. With the 925 sterling silver cross, wearers can connect to their Christian values in a deeply personal way.

Oval Fingerprint Pendant

The classic oval pendant artfully displays your loved one’s fingerprint within a rimmed border. Handcrafted from sterling silver, this exclusive pendant keeps you eternally connected, keeing your loved one close to your heart.

Dog Tag Memorial Pendant

The stainless steel Dog Tag Memorial Pendant offers several beautiful ways to customize your handcrafted memorial jewelry. You can add personal information, such as their name, dates, and a short sentiment, along with your loved one's fingerprint. The dog tag can be an eternal testament to the selfless sacrifice of military veterans.

Forever Collection

The Forever collection is aptly named. All Living Urn cremation jewelry is made from the finest materials by highly skilled jewelers to ensure your piece withstands the test of time. As an eternal memorial of a loved one, your piece can be passed down as a priceless family heirloom. Here are three superb examples:

Custom Cremation Pendant Vial

The versatile Custom Cremation Pendant Vial offers several beautiful ways to personalize your cremation jewelry. The small glass vial can hold many precious elements, such as ashes, soil from a burial site, or soil or water from a scattering site. The vial is housed within a sealable stainless steel cylinder that can be engraved with your loved one’s name, dates, and either resting place coordinates or a short sentiment.

Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant

Whether your loved one was a veteran, a patriot, or fond of the outdoors, the handcrafted Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant is a lovely choice. The stainless steel dog tag can be engraved with personal longitude and latitude coordinates, such as a final resting place or location with special meaning for you and your loved one.

Bar Coordinate Pendant

Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, the Bar Coordinate Pendant is a stylish and elegant cremation jewelry piece that can be personalized with the coordinates of any location you wish, just like the Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant. You can personalize this beautiful piece further by engraving your loved one’s name, dates, or a brief sentiment.

How to Buy Handmade Cremation Jewelry

Buying handmade cremation jewelry is a deeply personal experience. There is no “wrong way” to do it. Tailoring your remembrance piece around elements that reflect and enhance your relationship with your departed loved one can be a wonderful way to honor them. Here are a few tips to help focus your approach:

Type of Jewelry Piece

Any piece of jewelry you choose to memorialize your loved one should be something you are comfortable wearing. For instance, some may find bracelets more suitable to their lifestyle, while others may enjoy the feeling of a cremation necklace because it allows their loved one to be closer to their heart.

Important Personal Elements

Which personal details do you wish to highlight with your memorial piece? For some, jewelry that holds ashes may be of the utmost importance. For others, a religious connection like a cross pendant may be just the soothing touch a grief-stricken person is looking for. Special sentiments may also be a “must-have” when finding handmade cremation jewelry.

Display Statement

There is no telling how grief will unfold from one loss to the next. Some people wish to memorialize their loved ones subtly, while others prefer to announce their remembrance boldly. Typically, memorial jewelry that holds ashes allows for a quiet tribute. Fingerprint jewelry or pieces with dates engraved may be a more obvious display of grief. Opening up public conversation about your loss can be a therapeutic process. If you aren’t interested in discussing your loss, that’s okay, too.

Where to Buy Handmade Cremation Jewelry

The Living Urn specializes in handmade cremation jewelry. From My Living Touch to the Adventure and Forever collections, all our exquisite pieces are handcrafted, engraved, and assembled by skilled artisan jewelers in Denver, Colorado. With our high-quality craftsmanship, your sacred remembrance piece is designed to last for generations, creating an invaluable family heirloom. With many styles and customizable options, The Living Urn can give you the right cremation jewelry piece to hold your loved one in everlasting remembrance. To buy your unique, handmade cremation jewelry, visit The Living Urn today!
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