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How much do cremation stones cost?

Cremation stones are a beautiful way to memorialize a departed loved one. With cremated ashes, families have countless opportunities to create a tasteful, meaningful, and everlasting tribute. As a tangible remembrance piece, cremation stones can offer comfort and solace to the bereaved. Simply by placing them in your home, garden, next to a loved one's urn, or other meaningful place, you’ll know that the spirit of your dearly departed loved one is never far from your heart or your thoughts. Whether indoors or outdoors, cremation stones are everlasting, just like your loved one’s spirit.

Stack of Blue Stones

The creation of cremation stones from ashes is a work of art. As such, several crucial steps must be undertaken to deliver a final, high-quality stone. The cost of cremation stones can vary. Here are a few examples of what some cremation stone manufacturers can charge:

On the less-expensive side, artists on Etsy may offer cremation stones for as little as $65. While this seems like a great deal, there are a few things to consider. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. With this you typically only get a couple of cremation stones by sending in approximately seven teaspoons of ashes that an Etsy artist requires. Also, the chain of custody may need to be more credible. It’s hard to determine the consistency and reliability of the final product. You want to ensure that irreplaceable ashes are handled with the utmost care and respect.

Several funeral homes offer solidified remains for over $1500. These funeral homes do not handle the cremation stone process themselves. Instead, they outsource this service to a facility that turns cremated ashes into small, polished stones. Cremated remains are shipped to the facility for processing and then returned to the funeral home. They use 100% of the remains, equivalent to ten cups of ashes, to create approximately forty to eighty “stones.”

Glass cremation stones are another form of cremation stones. Instead of creating stones out of cremated remains, glass cremation stones utilize glass of a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes while infusing a small amount, typically one tablespoon, of ashes into the design. Glass cremation stones, such as The Living Urn’s Living Glass Touchstones cost $195

How Much is a Cremation Rock?

Even though cremation stones and cremation rocks sound alike, they are very different. While cremation stones are created from solidified ashes, cremation rocks are natural rocks with a hollowed-out space within them to house and permanently store ashes. Cremation rocks can utilize many different types of rocks, such as granite, limestone, and cast stone. There are several sizes and colors to choose from. Some rocks can offer space for the internment of partial ashes, one full set of cremated remains, or two full sets of cremated remains. Cremation rocks that provide space for partial ashes may be a good choice for families who wish to scatter ashes or create cremation jewelry or keepsakes. Cremation rocks that offer space for two sets of complete ashes can be a nice choice for families who wish to intern the remains of two departed family members together, such as spouses. Here are a few examples of cremation rocks and their pricing:

Synthetic Cremation Rock: These types of cremation rocks are made of composite materials to look like natural granite. Smaller rock urns that are about 9” x 10” x 6” are approximately $150. Larger rock urns around 10” x 12” x 5” are slightly more expensive, costing about $190. Each includes a plaque for engraving.

Individual Cremation Rock: A cremation rock made of granite weighing nearly 800 lbs can cost as much as $2,400. A much larger granite rock weighing around 1,400 lbs may cost $2,800. Some premium colors may increase the cost. The rock is expertly cut to give it a nice shape and a rustic look. The departed’s name and dates can be engraved on a bronze plaque.

Companion Memorial Cremation Rock: Like the Individual Cremation Rock, the Companion Rock is made of granite and can come in different sizes. The 800 lb Companion can cost around $3,100, while the 1400 lb Companion can cost $3,600. The creation of two internment spaces and the extra bronze plaque with engraving increases the Companion Rock’s price over the Individual Cremation Rock.

Factors that Affect Cremation Stone Pricing

Creating high-quality cremation stones is a special art form that requires careful handling, thoughtful planning, and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. With interest in cremation stones rising, it’s paramount that facilities are equipped to handle the demand. Several factors affect cremation stone pricing:


Creating a facility with the equipment necessary to handle the infusion of ashes into stone can be costly. For instance, glass artists who design glass cremation stones need a furnace capable of reaching temperatures of 2,000 to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit to melt glass. Since molten glass cannot be manipulated by hand, special tools and techniques have to be implemented to get the desired results for each special glass cremation stone.

Skilled Artists

While turning cremated remains into stone involves a lot of science, it’s also a beautiful art form. Handling hot glass is extremely dangerous and takes extreme care and concentration. For many who work as glass artists, it’s an adrenaline rush. They need to be able to stay in the moment and see the project all the way through, from start to finish. Once started, molten glass can’t be set down for a lunch break. Continually managing temperature is one of the most crucial elements of successful glass making. Glass artists develop creative techniques and tools to achieve their incredible designs. The demand of the skilled artist can determine the cost of cremation stones.


Cremation stones cannot be prefabricated without including ashes. All cremation stones must be created from scratch since ashes are infused within the cremation stones. The ashes of your loved one are irreplaceable; they make the cremation stone a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Glass artists undergo a special process to bring you your unique glass cremation stone.

They use a pipe to gather clear, molten glass from a furnace. The molten glass is rolled over a marvel—a hard, flat service—-for symmetrical shaping. The glass may go in and out of the furnace several times to keep it malleable. It’s all about managing the right glass temperature: Some areas may require more heat than others. A vast array of colors can be added to the glass. There are three types of colored glass:

Colored Glass Bar: These bars can be broken into segments to create a unique, smooth color application for your special glass cremation stone.

Powdered Glass: Powdered glass offers a quick application when rolling the clear glass over it.

Frit: Crushed-up pieces of glass that come in various granular sizes, such as sugar or small rocks. Frit is laid out so the molten glass can be rolled over the chips for a quick, colorful coating.

The glass artist usually sketches out the glass design before implementing the process. They know exactly how they want to incorporate your loved one’s ashes into the glass cremation stones beforehand. When the time comes, the ashes are carefully spread out on a surface for the molten glass to roll onto it gently. The size of the cremation stone may determine just how much of the ashes are utilized. Only one tablespoon of ashes is necessary for glass cremation stones, such as the Living Glass Touchstones. Once infused into the molten glass, the ashes will most likely change their appearance from gray to brilliant white; the heat from the molten glass burns off the carbon in the ashes.

Chain of Custody

Your loved one’s ashes are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Keeping track of the ashes during the creation of cremation stones is crucial from start to finish. Manufacturers have to develop sophisticated methods to monitor each cremation stone order properly. Some methods include personal order IDs and checkpoint software. Unlike tracking everyday household goods, there is no room for error regarding cremains.

Is a Cremation Stone Worth the Cost?

There are several ways to memorialize your departed loved one. Cremation stones offer a unique way to do so. There is no “wrong way” when choosing an everlasting tribute to your departed loved one. While many prefer to scatter ashes into the elements, some prefer a tangible, lasting memorial. Cremation stones can be placed in several prominent locations within your home, such as a nightstand, mantle, or desk. Wherever you are in your home, you can be comforted by the presence of your sacred memorial. The exquisite designs of glass cremation stones can be mesmerizing. With radiant colors and brilliant white ashes, the glass can capture the sunlight for a breathtaking appearance. Like all cremation keepsakes, cremation stones provide comfort and solace for those grieving.

The Living Urn specializes in high-quality cremation keepsakes, jewelry, and urns. Whether you choose our Living Glass Cremation touchstones or another meaningful cremation piece, we’re here to help you through your grief. Visit The Living Urn to find a cremation piece that’s right for you!

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