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How and What to Plant in Urn Planters

When the time comes to say goodbye to a loved one, their cremated remains can be used to honor them in several unique and meaningful ways. Holding an ash scattering service in a special location offers closure for some. Others prefer committing the cremains in a burial ceremony. Yet, several more opt to hold on to the ashes, commemorating them in one-of-a-kind cremation jewelry pieces and keepsakes. Whether a loved one has passed away recently or several years ago, cremains allow families to create a moving memorial at any time. One of the most beautiful and creative ways to keep a loved one’s spirit alive is through an urn planter. Available in many materials, such as ceramic and wood, urn planters can make a beautiful addition to your home or patio.


What to Plant in Urn Planters

Urn planters are stylish urns designed to house a tree, plant, or flower of your choice, along with a small portion to all of a loved one's ashes. If you decide to only use a small amount of ashes, you have the opportunity to create several unique urn planters. Some urn planters can serve as a main memorial, containing the full complement of ashes. For instance, The Living Urn Planter comes in three sizes - small, medium, and large - to accommodate the exact amount of ashes you wish to include. Whether you prefer trees, plants, or flowers, urn planters can be used indoors, on a patio, or in a garden. You can visit your local nursery to choose your preferred tree or plant. Some families choose their departed loved one’s favorite houseplant, while others go with trees that bring them the most peace and serenity. There is no wrong choice! The Living Urn can supply urn planters with several wonderful options, such as the following outlined below.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are tiny trees revered for their captivating beauty and long life. They symbolize strength, peace, harmony, perseverance, and balance. Bonsai trees can require a lot of care to cultivate properly. For many bereaved individuals, caring for bonsai trees can be very therapeutic. Known as grief gardening, nurturing a memorial plant can give a grief-stricken person focus and a sense of purpose. With a mixture of soil and ashes, flourishing plants and trees symbolize the rebirth and enduring spirit of the departed. The Living Urn offers several remarkable bonsai trees. Here are three popular choices:

Ficus Retusa Tree

Also known as the Banyan Fig, a Ficus retusa bonsai tree is highly adaptable. It’s easy to grow at home since it requires very little light. With its large, curving trunk and robust leaves, a Ficus retusa bonsai is resilient and easy to maintain. This bonsai tree's natural beauty and durability can symbolize the everlasting legacy of your departed loved one.

Braided Money Tree

The money tree is believed to bring good fortune, positive energy, and wealth. Knowing better days are just around the corner can comfort those experiencing grief. Also, the braided bonsai is known as a superb air purifier!

Trained Tiered Juniper Tree

With their flexible trunks and bushy leaves, Juniper bonsai trees are one of the most well-recognized bonsai trees in the world. They are very easy to shape and train with the help of wiring. Trained tiered juniper trees can live for hundreds of years, which makes them a wonderful memorial for your departed loved one. Your everlasting tribute can be handed down for generations!


Along with bonsai trees, any number of houseplants can make a beautiful addition to an indoor or patio urn. Here are two vibrant options from The Living Urn:

Peace Lily

Aptly named, peace lilies symbolize peace and serenity. They are very easy to care for since they can thrive in bright or low-light conditions. Also, on average, peace lilies only need to be watered once a week. Peace lilies can remove many impurities from the air, from ammonia to xylene. For those encountering grief, the stabilizing properties of peace lilies can reduce stress.

Flamingo Flower

The radiant red of a flamingo flower’s leaves can be a stunning focal point for any room you wish to display. Like the peace lily, flamingo flower plants are low-maintenance and provide air purification properties. The highly versatile flamingo flower can complement outdoor and indoor spaces like balconies, patios, and living rooms. Keep this plant in direct sunlight, and it will flourish and thrive for years.

Rather than trees or plants, you can also cut flowers and place them in a vase provided to show them from the center of the urn. With The Living Urn Planter, you can add a succulent or other small plant to any of the three sizes.

How to Plant in Urn Planters

Whether you have extensive experience with gardening or if this is your first time caring for a plant, preparing an urn planter is easy. The Living Urn Indoors/Patio porcelain urns offer a unique patent-pending growing system to make caring for a tree or houseplant simple. A separate outer chamber securely holds your loved one’s ashes. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with each urn planter to assist you in adding ashes and planting your special tree or houseplant. The patented Living Urn Indoors assembly allows you to use any standard 4” diameter planter pot in the center growing area. Most houseplants for indoors, such as African violets, golden pothos, spider plants, dracaena, and more, can be used. Patio urns can use palms, small ferns, lavender, and succulents. If your departed loved one had a favorite flower, consider planting it seasonally on the patio. Older plants may simply be removed and carefully replaced as needed.

Why Use Urn Planters

Urn planters are a wonderful way to pay tribute to a lost loved one and beautify your home, garden, or patio. While bonsai trees can be cultivated and cared for over generations, other flowers and houseplants can be refreshed to uphold the vibrant legacy of the departed. Urn planters offer the bereaved an active and tangible way to connect with their loved ones. It can bring great comfort and solace to know the radiant spirit of your loved one is represented in the beauty of a tree, houseplant, or flower of your choice. Wherever you go, your remarkable tribute can move with you, allowing you to relish the sight of your urn planter basking in the warm rays of sunshine and honoring the cherished memories you hold dear. Visit The Living Urn store to learn more about our urn planters, bio urns, and more!

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