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a person grieving holding a sparkler

How to Begin a New Year After a Loss

Loss is difficult no matter the time of year. But losing someone close to the New Year poses its own set of challenges. Maybe you lost the person you spent many New Years celebrations with, or perhaps this was the person you discussed your New Years’ goals and resolutions with. There is a sense of finality as the old year winds down and we begin to prepare for a new year, a year without your departed beloved. However, the New Year also offers an opportunity to begin anew. 

a person grieving holding a sparkler

Setting Goals

One way to handle grief during the New Year is to set goals. Make sure they are manageable, reasonable, and either pleasurable or helpful. Here are a few ideas for goals to set for your new year ahead.

setting goals new year

1. Exercise more

But make it fun! Choose an activity like hiking, dancing, or roller skating.

2. Learn to cook 

Or, if you know how to cook, pick a challenging recipe, and make it an evening or weekend project.

3. Adopt a pet

Or, if you already have one, play with them more often. 

Keeping Their Memory Alive

keeping their memory alive

There are many ways to keep the memory of your beloved alive in your heart and life during the New Year. When you’re ready, consider the following ideas. It’s also ok if you’re not ready yet. Grief keeps its own timetable, and these memorial ideas will be there when it’s the right time for you. 

1. Indoor Urns

There are many different types of urns to display in your home. Displaying an urn is a way to keep your departed loved one close by this New Year. An indoor memorial might be quite comforting as you work your way through your grief. Urns come in many different styles and sizes. The Living Urn has three different types of indoor urns. They offer the EcoHome urn, which is handcrafted from bamboo and styled to look like a small chest. This elegant urn is understated and will fit in with any home décor. 

Do you enjoy sipping your coffee on your patio, surrounded by your plants? Or did your loved one have a fondness for the indoor garden? Then the Living Urn’s Indoor urn is just for you. It’s made from durable, beautiful ceramic, and contains two compartments. One is made to hold the ash and protect it from the plant. The second compartment is for growing a beautiful houseplant or bonsai tree. This urn is lovely and functional, and like all of Living Urn’s products, it’s designed to fit seamlessly into your home. You can buy your own houseplant or order one from the Living Urn’s award-winning nursery.

If you (or your deceased beloved) are an art connoisseur, then you’ll appreciate the Living Urn’s artisan-designed wooden planter urn. Handcrafted from beautiful California Sycamore and FSC Certified black walnut hardwood and polished to a warm glow, this beautiful, one-of-a-kind planter doesn’t resemble an urn so much as a piece of art. There is space carved out on top for a small, but lovely houseplant. Its flowing design is meant to symbolize honor and vitality.

2. Memory Trees

Memory trees are a popular, beautiful, and meaningful way to memorialize your loved one. Grown from the ashes of your departed loved one, memory trees ensure that part of them will live on. As your tree grows, you will mark the journey of healing that this loss has set you on. It will become a place of warmth and comfort where you can remember the times you spent with your loved one. And, while you grieve, it will comfort you too. 

3. Memorial Stones

Memorial stones are a beautiful way to honor and remember your loved one. Memorial stones made from durable material like granite will last many lifetimes, allowing your loved one’s memory to live on. Memorial stones can be customized with images and words. Typically, you choose a meaningful image and have your departed loved one’s name, dates of birth and death, and a sentimental saying, such as “Forever in Our Hearts”, engraved next to the image. Memorial stones can be placed indoors or outdoors, whichever you prefer. The Living Urn’s granite memorial stones are a good size to make them durable and are designed to be placed by a memory tree or in a garden. The granite will weather the outdoors beautifully, just like your loved one’s memories will stay alive in your heart. 

4. Glass Keepsakes

Another great way to remember and honor a loved one is to have a portion of their ashes placed in one or more glass keepsakes. The ashes can be infused into an orb, heart, or small touchstone and you can include your or your loved one's favorite colors to be included in the piece. This can be displayed in the home or simply kept in a safe or special place.

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