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How To Choose Cremation Jewelry

How To Choose Cremation Jewelry

Many people use cremation jewelry to honor someone they love who passed. It’s often said to be very comforting to wear a lovingly made piece of cremation jewelry, and comfort is precious in times of grief and loss. But how do you go about choosing such an essential piece of jewelry? And if you want to give cremation jewelry as a gift to someone dear to you, where do you start? The cremation jewelry experts at the Living Urn, America’s leading provider of Tree Urns, have put together this article to answer these questions.

Personal Taste and Style

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If you’re buying cremation jewelry for yourself, it’s pretty simple to figure out what type and style would be best for you. Think about the pieces of jewelry that you wear the most; maybe it’s necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Next, think about the style of your most commonly worn items. Are they simple? Ornate? Slim? Bulky? Once you have a general idea of what you lean towards, that will help you narrow down your options while you shop. 

If you’re purchasing for someone else, you have a few options. One is to include them in the process so they can choose something they like or they can give you pointers. Or think back on the jewelry you’ve seen them wear most frequently and select something similar. You could also ask someone close to the person you wish to buy for and ask their opinion. 

How Will This Jewelry Be Used?

Will you or the person you’re gifting wear this piece of jewelry regularly, or will it be a display piece? Knowing one way or the other may not be possible, but if you have this information, it can influence your choice. For example, if it is primarily for display, you could choose a larger, more ornate piece that might not be practical to wear. Or, if this will be an everyday item, choosing jewelry that wears well, like a ring with a round, contoured back, is essential.  

What Material Do You Want?

Choosing the material for your cremation jewelry is an important step. While price is also a key feature of this choice, there are reasons for choosing stainless steel over gold or silver that have nothing to do with price. Jewelry requires maintenance, especially if it’s going to be worn daily. But, even display jewelry might need a polish every so often. 

  • Silver is a common choice for cremation jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is fine jewelry and an appropriate choice for a memorial item.  However, silver can tarnish over time when left open to the air and will need to be occaisionally polished. Silver loves to be worn and makes gorgeous jewelry.
  • Stainless steel is a good choice for memorial jewelry. Its toughness makes it ideal for everyday wear. It engraves easily and is strong and scratch resistant. It’s also beautiful with its silvery, reflective surface. Stainless steel is also more affordable than sterling silver while offering beauty and durability.
  • Gold is also a popular choice for cremation jewelry. However, its price point will be far higher than sterling silver or stainless steel. Gold is also very delicate. It’s a soft metal and nicks easily. It can be worn daily with care, though it should always be removed before showering, swimming, etc. It is a beautiful, precious metal and makes memorial jewelry that honors your loved one. 

Will You Include Ashes or Something Else?

Certain types of cremation jewelry are made to hold cremation ashes, soil from the grave or scattering site, etc. Deciding if you want to handle your loved one’s cremated remains is essential. There are plenty of equally meaningful types of cremation jewelry that don’t require handling cremation ash. This is also a very pertinent question for those who want to gift cremation jewelry that involves cremation ashes. Some cremation jewelry requires sending ashes off to the jeweler so it can be incorporated into it; do you want to have that conversation? It could be a very helpful and kind thing to handle for someone who just lost a loved one. But, when it comes to human remains, conversations are a good idea. 

Can You Access a Fingerprint?

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Fingerprint jewelry is a popular and meaningful type of cremation jewelry that doesn’t require the use of human remains. However, you will need to access a loved one's fingerprint - please read this article for more information. If you want to make fingerprint jewelry for someone else, ask them first.

In summary, cremation jewelry is a loving way to honor your departed loved one and comfort yourself in this time of loss and sorrow. It also makes a deeply meaningful and thoughtful gift. Shop stainless steel and sterling silver cremation jewelry options at the Living Urn.
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