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How to Commemorate a Loved One on the Anniversary of their Death?

How to Commemorate a Loved One on the Anniversary of their Death?

The passing of a loved one brings a ton of emotions and is a time filled with much grief. On top of this, at the time of a loved one’s passing, there is also a lot for family to do. This includes deciding on a cremation or burial, finding and selecting a casket or urn, planning a funeral, getting your loved one’s affairs in order, notifying family and friends and saying your goodbyes.

The anniversary of a loved one’s death is a time that can bring the raw emotion right back to the forefront, however, it is also a time when many have more clarity and can better reflect on their loved one and the life they shared. To many, they wonder how the year or years have gone by so fast and how it just seemed like yesterday that their loved one was with them. The anniversary of their death can also be an emotional time and it is important to surround yourself with family and friends.

Many people want to do something meaningful on the anniversary of their loved one’s death - there are many options and examples available of people doing wonderful memorials and events to honor their loved ones. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the more popular ways families are commemorating a loved one on the anniversary of their death.

Plant a Tree Memorial

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A trend growing in popularity is to plant a tree memorial with a tree urn (such as The Living Urn) and a portion or all of a loved one’s ashes on the anniversary of their death. This new tree can be a beautiful living reminder of a loved one to keep their memory present. It is also a wonderful way to give back and honor them. Some families choose to hold planting ceremonies inviting family and friends to come out and participate in the planting, while others prefer a more private event. The Living Urn offers over fifty different tree options, narrowed down by zip code to the trees that grow best in your area. This patented bio urn and planting system, along with a 2-4’ tree of choice, are both sent directly to your doorstep and include easy to follow, step-by-step planting instructions. Starting at $129, the biotree urn is a great option for families looking to honor a loved one on the anniversary of their passing.

Grow a House Plant or Bonsai Tree from an Indoor Urn

If you love the idea of a tree memorial but can’t find that special place to plant, there’s another option now offered by The Living Urn. You can order The Living Urn’s premium porcelain indoor urn and grow a living memory from this special urn holding your loved one’s ashes. This can be placed on a patio, balcony, or indoors with a bonsai tree, a house plant or used as a vase with cut flowers. This attractive urn comes in white, blue, or beige and measures 9” tall by about 9” wide. It is a great way to remember a loved one on the anniversary of their death and can serve as a living reminder of them in the home or on a patio for many years to come.

Hold a Celebration of Life

Many people hold a celebration of life or funeral within a few days after the passing of a loved one, but why not hold another celebration? Gather family and friends and have a barbeque, meet at a restaurant, host a picnic, or attend an event together and remember and reflect on your loved one. This can be a one-time event or something you do every year on the anniversary of their death. A great reason to get together, enjoy each other’s company and reflect on the loved one who passed.

Scatter Some or All of Their Ashes

Another common way families remember their loved one on the anniversary of their death is to scatter a portion or all of their cremated ashes. The family may travel together to a meaningful location to scatter ashes, like a favorite vacation spot, a family cabin, a childhood home or just a place a place that was special. Many families who do this use an urn designed to scatter ashes with control and grace. One, in particular, that has become very popular is the Eco Scattering Urn. This is a patented all-natural urn made from bamboo, which is a sustainable resource, and has quickly become a favorite scattering urn of funeral homes nationwide. For families who choose to scatter ashes in water, there is also a new popular urn for this called Eco Water Urn – it floats like a buoy for a few minutes then gently frees and disperses your loved one’s ashes with grace and dignity.

Take a Vacation

What a better way to honor your loved one than to get away and take a vacation with family or friends. Go to a tropical beach, the mountains, take a European tour, a cruise, etc. The destinations are endless and it’s a great way to get away from the daily grind life brings, relax, and reflect on your loved one who passed.

Take a Long Walk

Getting outside and exercising is a healthy way to spend time and also a great way to reflect on a loved one. This is a free and easy way to remember somebody - walk through their favorite park, to a relative’s house, a school they attended, and so on.

Volunteer for a Good Cause

Many organizations can always use a helping hand and volunteering for a good cause can be a great way to honor a lost loved one on the anniversary of their passing. You can help serve food at a homeless shelter, collect food and toys for a holiday drive, help pick up trash to clean up your city or parks, and so on. Volunteering is a great way to give back and honor a loved one.

Donate to a Favorite Charity

Was your loved one passionate about a certain cause? If so, donate your time, help fundraise, and/or write a check to a charity supporting that cause. This can be one that researches a certain disease, supports our veterans and their families, helps protects the environment, provides care and resources for people suffering from addiction, helps the homeless, helps pets, and so on.

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